Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive cloud instance service to Cityray and they were able to launch cloud-based products for internal use as well as serve enterprise customers.

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Elastic Compute Service - ECSSimple Application Server

About Cityray

Cityray Technology is an information technology enterprise specializing in Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) to Employee Self Service (ESS) systems and offers on-premises as well as web-based solutions. Cityray serves well-known local and international enterprises, with a client base covering various industries including banking and finance, professional services, wholesalers and logistics. With a mission to elevate the human capital development of China and Hong Kong. Alibaba Cloud supported Cityray on its IT infrastructure and Cloud resources to successfully expand its business.


Alibaba Cloud provides a robust product offering featuring Elastic Compute (ECS) cloud servers that provide the scalability to meet peak traffic demands, decrease operating cost and increase customer flexibility. The web hosting service covers the globe mean Cityray can deliver it cloud-based products to the customers worldwide. Since Cityray provides cloud SaaS products for enterprise level clients, its premiere service known as HCM Cloud iHRPLUS, a platform developed to help HR capital management for enterprises worldwide. Alibaba Cloud contributed to its infrastructure and ensured CityRay could seamlessly help their enterprise customers to reduce system purchasing costs and implement risk control. Alibaba Cloud provided Cityray an all-in-one cloud infrastructure and storage ecosystem allowing Cityray to launch new products such as a cloud-based timesheet, known as, which provides an agile method for managers and clients to monitor the onsite employees. Before, managers were forced to track employees manually which is very time consuming.

Why Alibaba Cloud?

Having undergone the rapid expansion into China's major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Cityray was attracted by Alibaba Cloud’s strong reputation and presence in the region. The availability of multiple data centers and an experienced team of cloud architects offered an affordable and experienced team who knew what it takes to do well in China. With advantages such as technical support and lower cost. With Alibaba Cloud's pay-as-you-go model, Cityray could optimize operating cost and capital expenditure. Cityray's migration to the cloud has facilitated better efficiency and a global operation allowing Cityray to achieve global operations and market reach. In short, Alibaba Cloud successfully paved the way for Cityray's international expansion, reduced their operating cost and allowed for seamless service across China.