"Alibaba Cloud has made it easier for Catchpoint to serve its customers in a part of the world where accurate data can be hard to come by."

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About Catchpoint

Catchpoint Systems is a leading Digital Performance Analytics company that provides insights into customer-critical services to help deliver an optimized customer experience. Catchpoint has more than 350 customers in over 30 countries, including Priceline and Honeywell, which trust Catchpoint to strengthen their brands and grow their businesses. Catchpoint offers specialized services for e-commerce, travel, media, SaaS, infrastructure and online advertising.


It’s always difficult to break into a new market, particularly one that has as many challenges as China, and the best way to overcome that is to have as much actionable data as possible. We needed a provider that could give us the ability to have vantage points on their networks and points of presence, to enable us to provide our customers with the data and analytics they need to make informed business decisions.

Why Alibaba Cloud?

We decided to take advantage of Alibaba Cloud products for the benefit of our customers. Most customers leverage our network of over 530 nodes worldwide to measure availability, performance, and reachability. However, a growing number of our customers are also moving to public cloud providers and because we have nodes on all the major providers, adding Alibaba Cloud was just natural. Many of those customers are actively trying to establish a footprint in China in order to tap into the huge opportunity that its user base provides, and Alibaba Cloud could be a great solution as they strive to deliver a great customer experience to those new users. By having Catchpoint nodes on Alibaba Cloud, we can help our customers measure the benefits of a potential migration there.


We have been very pleasantly surprised by the management interface and the configuration tool. Once we established the virtual machines, we learned that the Alibaba Cloud network stack is faster than other providers. This obviously plays a huge role in overall online performance and customer experience. Overall, it is a very well designed product and easy to use. In total we have added eight locations leveraging Alibaba Cloud around the world (US, APAC, and China), and hope to add more as we both continue to grow.

Final Word

Our goal is to always provide the most accurate and up-to-date data possible to our customers, and Alibaba Cloud has allowed us to do just that in a part of the world where accurate data can be hard to come by.