"With more than 20,000 active bloggers, Blogmint relies on Alibaba Cloud for flexible, scalable, reliable cloud computing resources to cope with more than 100% traffic growth each month."

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About Blogmint

Blogmint is India’s first influencer marketing platform, connecting brands directly with social influencers, including bloggers, YouTubers, Twitterati and Instagramers. Blogmint’s B2B marketplace is positioned at the very heart of this social influencer marketing industry and empowers brands and social influencers to network, connect and collaborate with each other in a transparent, scalable and measurable way.


With a network of more than 20,000 active social influencers or bloggers, Blogmint ranks as a top 50 B2B Alexa ranked site in India. It is also among the fastest growing channels for digital customer acquisition in the country. To meet with the demands of its business growth, Blogmint required a reliable and scalable solution that would help scale its business in a cost-effective manner.

Why Alibaba Cloud?

“Being able to choose network tiers and having the ability to scale in real-time during campaigns is one of the main reasons we chose Alibaba Cloud,” explains Blogmint CEO, Irfan Khan. “This coupled with their reliability, high performance and cost-efficiency were the key reasons for our decision to use Alibaba Cloud services.” As Alibaba Cloud resources are charged on a Pay-As-You-Go model with built-in elasticity, Blogmint is able to scale resources when traffic increases and release them when traffic eases off. This means Blogmint only pays for the resources it uses and does not have idle resources as would be the case under a traditional IT set-up. This avoids procuring resources to handle peak hours and then having those resources remain un-utilized during lean traffic hours.


Blogmint operates a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Server Load Balancer and ApsaraDB for RDS on servers connected over a private network using OpenVPN. Blogmint benefits from Alibaba Cloud’s security services both at the network and resources level to ensure customer data is safe and secure on the cloud. Anti DDoS technologies protect Blogmint's applications from any malicious attacks. Blogmint deployment with Alibaba Cloud is also reliable with built-in fault tolerance in services such as Server Load Balancer and ApsaraDB for RDS. While Server Load Balancer manages traffic by distributing traffic equally to only healthy instances, ApsaraDB for RDS takes automatic backups of data to provide data redundancy.

Final Word

“Having the security and flexibility to scale in real-time, as well as one-click launches and automated backups are great,” says Khan. “We are happy with our decision to move to Alibaba Cloud.”