"With its strong global presence in China and APAC regions, Alibaba Cloud was uniquely positioned to help BCB Blockchain strengthen their operations. Moreover, Alibaba Cloud's extensive ecosystem provided BCB Blockchain with flexible and cost-effective services, helping them reduce costs by up to 40%."

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About BCB Blockchain

BCB Blockchain is a one-stop-shop for providing technology infrastructure and developing a blockchain protocol for smart cities. It is now the number one blockchain protocol for developing smart cities solutions. It focuses on transforming smart city concepts into livable, workable, trust-free, and sustainable smart-city solutions. With its highly secure and trustworthy services, it empowers and accelerates the growth of smart city projects. Besides addressing current and future issues in smart cities, it establishes an open platform to share BCB Blockchain technology with everyone worldwide.


Another challenge was to deploy nodes across China and APAC region seamlessly and quickly. So that community developers in the regions have easy access. BCB Blockchain was looking for a solution that offers broad coverage and an accelerated connection between China and the APAC region.

Why Alibaba Cloud

With its strong global presence in China and APAC regions, Alibaba Cloud was uniquely positioned to help BCB Blockchain strengthen their operations within the region. Being China's number one cloud service provider with a range of cloud-based technologies, professional services, and local expertise, Alibaba Cloud was a one-stop solution for BCB to overcome its multiple vendor management challenges. Moreover, Alibaba Cloud provided access to its extensive ecosystem with flexible and cost-effective payment options to help the BCB Blockchain save cost up to 40 percent.


BCB Blockchain leveraged Alibaba Cloud's services such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and Global Accelerator (GA) to host web user access requests with guaranteed bandwidth and high reliability across China and APAC regions. ECS helped in achieving quick results with low latency, and its high scalability helped to optimize capacity based on real-time business demands. BCB employed Alibaba Cloud GA to enable cross-region deployment and network acceleration between China and APAC regions to improve the user experience by leveraging high network quality, high availability, and low latency.

Looking Forward

BCB Blockchain hopes to continue using Alibaba Cloud to further optimize the various operations concerning different solutions in the group. It looks forward to employing more cutting-edge technology from Alibaba Cloud such as Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) to optimize performance and reduce latency across different regions.