"AdaPundi also made the most of Alibaba Cloud's familiarity with the local Fintech industry to better manage its finance-related workloads on the cloud while remaining compliant."

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About AdaPundi

AdaPundi is one of the largest online loan platforms in Indonesia. Its mission is to connect lenders with borrowers who are in need of cash funds or fast liquid cash loans that are safe and convenient, with a credit limit of up to 20,000,000 rupiah. Its flagship app, AdaPundi-Pinjaman Uang Online, is widely used among Indonesian users and has clocked millions of downloads. AdaPundi has been officially licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).


Given the economic distress due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for online loan services has increased rapidly in Indonesia. AdaPundi faced the technical challenge of handling the sudden surge in the number of users and daily transactions on its online loan app. It wanted a flexible cloud infrastructure that’s resilient as well as able to automatically scale the computing resources based on the volume of user requests. The main objective was to ensure higher uptime and a pleasant user experience. Moreover, as a Fintech company, AdaPundi considers security as the key to long-term business growth and success. It was looking for a trusted Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider that could ensure strict regulatory compliance with the regional and international security standards.

Why Alibaba Cloud

AdaPundi relied on Alibaba Cloud to successfully deploy its systems, comply with the necessary data security and protection standards, and expand its business with minimal downtimes. The company benefitted greatly from Alibaba Cloud's strong presence in Indonesia, with three local data centers, to comply with local regulations in data management. AdaPundi also made the most of Alibaba Cloud's familiarity with the Fintech industry to better manage its finance-related workloads on the cloud. By adopting tailored, secure, and cost-effective cloud solutions, AdaPundi managed to boost customer satisfaction with low latency and more scalability.


Being a Fintech company, AdaPundi understood the vast benefits of setting up its solution on top of a cloud-native architecture. It deployed the core loan application using Alibaba Cloud IaaS offering, such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS) clusters and Server Load Balancer (SLB). This helped AdaPundi streamline its application operations and maintenance (O&M) by scaling computing resources up or down depending on the peaks and dips in the incoming traffic. It further leveraged various cloud-native data storage solutions on Alibaba Cloud to efficiently manage the massive amount of user and transactional data and ensure high application availability. These included ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL for database management and ApsaraDB Redis for caching. Moreover, AdaPundi used Alibaba Cloud’s Log Service for real-time collection, consumption, shipping, search, and analysis of large amounts of log data, and Object Storage Service (OSS) to easily store and access the daily transactions and events. It also leveraged Alibaba Cloud’s powerful big data capabilities to support its users with more automated processes and better data-driven decision-making.

Looking Forward

AdaPundi considers Alibaba Cloud a highly reliable and flexible partner in terms of the breadth of products and the level of technical expertise offered. Moreover, Alibaba Cloud offers cost-effective resource packages with flexible pricing options. AdaPundi hopes to continue working together with Alibaba Cloud for its future projects.