WIZ.AI Talkbots

For omnichannel customer engagement, data management and streamline your workflow

Solution Overview and Architecture

WIZ.AI’s intelligent Voice solution, the Talkbot, leverages highly customizable, adaptable and humanised AI to deliver more than a hundred million automated omnichannel customer interactions every hour. Enabling businesses across various industries and functions to deliver quality, attentive and engaging customer services, to the right customer, at the right time with the right message.

WIZ.AI also empowers and optimises data-driven customer engagement. All customer interactions are hashtaged, categorised, with detailed logs of all their different interactions. This extensive depth of data allows businesses to identify high value customers, create a more comprehensive customer persona and easily uncover any gaps in customer experience.

Humanised Voice AI for Enterprises

WIZ.AI’s handcrafted humanised Voice AI can serve a large and complex customer base, consistently delivering an experience that attracts, engages and delights customers, while being highly scalable for companies through process automation.

At present, WIZ.AI counts over 200 clients, many of which are top brands and Fortune 500 companies from various industries, including Banking, Insurance, Fintech, Telecommunications, E-commerce, Healthcare and the Government.

95 percent of all Talkbot users are unable to differentiate that they are engaging with a machine, due to its self-learning extended dialogue management, speech pattern recognition, and text-to-speech voice customisation that allows it to communicate in over 9 countries local languages and accents, including English, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Mandarin, Thai, Tagalog, and Vietnamese, as well as Singlish and other informal forms like Taglish (an informal variant of Filipino English).

Solution Highlights


Able to adapt to workload changes by scaling up & down call volume as needed to match the current workload demand, with no limitations, within just 3 business days.


Connect effortlessly to customers at scale, with the right message at the right time, over telephony, chat, messaging and email, to create real connections to customers.

Human-like + Data Insights

95% of customers don’t know that they are talking to a Talkbot. Extract customer info during call to build comprehensive customer profiles

Customer Reference - Carro

Carro is a digital automotive marketplace that offers a full-stack service for all aspects of car ownership. They had previously employed local call centers to engage with their customers, however with the increased volume, they had over 20,000 potential leads that the local call centre operation would not otherwise have addressed.

• Drive cost efficiency
• Increase customer reach
• Ensure compliance to business strategies
• Promote customer satisfaction

WIZ.AI Automotive Customer Service Talkbot ,Call to potential leads to encourage them to list their vehicles on Carro’s digital automotive marketplace.
The Talkbots were able to handle almost four times the volume of calls as compared to a human agent, with a similar customer response rate.

• High Talkbot contact rate ranging from 77% to 80%
• Yielded manpower cost saving of 70%
• Delivered 3X results as compared to human agent


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