AsiaVerify Solution

AsiaVerify offers the most comprehensive KYB and UBO search available across Asia today

AsiaVerify Overview

AsiaVerify’s best-of-class business verification technology provides instantaneous access to business, customer shareholder and employee verification data, sourced from the most authoritative government registry information across Asia, fully translated in real-time.

We empower businesses to prevent fraudulent activities, improve visibility, build credibility and trust.

With AsiaVerify’s cutting edge technology, you are assured that your onboarding processes are reliable, smooth, and safe. From company name and registration number to registered capital, we do the hard work of investigation and verification across official sources, so you can save money and time, improve your engagement experience with customers and partners, and stay safe and completive when scaling your local or global business.

AsiaVerify UBO Solution

Ultimate Beneficial Owner search (UBO)

Our proprietary UBO search technology enables the deepest available and customized search in beneficial ownership. Instantly reveal share structure and owners, all fully translated at the click of a button within seconds.

Combat fraud & protect your business reputation
UBO screening is mandatory for specific industries including banks, solicitors, payment and e-commerce companies, accountants, and more under the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act.

Access Asia’s most authoritative UBO data
AsiaVerify is plugged directly into official government sources, connecting customers directly to Asia’s most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information from legally authoritative and compliant sources – reducing data blind spots by up to 100%.

AsiaVerify’s advanced UBO search

Identify all Directors and Shareholders

View connections between shareholders and companies

Gather real-time and accurate company filings

Easily identify AML risks

Reveal corporate structure and ownership

Access UBO reports in real-time and in your language

AsiaVerify KYB Solution

Know Your Business (KYB)

Our KYB search connects you directly to government registries allowing you to retrieve the most comprehensive and up-to-date intelligence instantaneously, all fully translated in real time.

Intercept fraud. Increase safety. Automate compliance.
AsiaVerify’s intelligent API platform automates your compliance requirements, providing comprehensive reports, instant alerts, and intelligent interpretations to help minimise risk and inform smarter business decisions.

Effortless business verification, onboarding and monitoring
Our sophisticated machine learning, artificial intelligence, government registry connections, and other state-of-the-art systems ensure our clients find irregularities and identify blind spots that our competitors miss.

Retrieve millions of fully translated primary source documents in real-time

Registration Information

Key Personnel & Ownerships

Ultimate Beneficial Owner

Alerts & Watchlists

Why choose AsiaVerify?

Our customers choose AsiaVerify time and again, reflecting our position as Asia’s most trusted business search platform, with unrivalled data accuracy and coverage across APAC.

Our specialist team can help you DIY integration or design a bespoke solution to save you both time and money.

Real-time verification

● Accurate, up-to-date data
● Comprehensive reports
● Instant alerts
● Intelligent analyses

Asia’s most comprehensive data

● Directly access authoritative government registries
● A configurable and intelligent platform
● Access unprecedented coverage and data accuracy
● Engage in Asian markets with greater confidence and ease

Automated translation

● Instant translation technology
● Search and report in English or original language
● Eliminate expensive manual translations
● Asian Optical Character Recognition (ACR) technology

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