Alibaba Cloud Academy Skills Center and Training Center are hubs for people of all ages, professions, and walks of life to come together and discover the power of cloud computing and the latest technological advancements. Explore the exhibits, take part in free training, and build in-demand job skills. Start your cloud journey at your local Alibaba Cloud Academy Skills Center and Training Center today.

An Alibaba Cloud Skills Center and Training Center focuses on developing and enhancing skills related to cloud computing for those who would like to start their cloud journey. Skills Center is designed for students to experience the charm of cloud computing during their learning process. Training Center, on the other hand, is tailored for professionals already engaged in the cloud computing industry, enabling them to further enhance their professional skills.

Our Locations

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    Alibaba Cloud Academy has partnered with Kornerstone to open our very first Training Center in Hong Kong as a hub for customers and partners to hone and upgrade their cloud skills in this cloud- and AI-centric era.

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    Partnering with Chulalongkorn University, Thailand's top university, the Alibaba Cloud Academy Skills Center is open 24/7, providing free training and guidance to anyone in the community, regardless of technology background.

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    The training center established by Alibaba Cloud Academy and Trainocate Singapore offers comprehensive and professional training courses in cloud computing and IT. Our expert trainers provide hands-on learning experiences to help individuals and businesses stay ahead in the digital age.