Our goal is to empower our partners with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in utilizing Alibaba Cloud products.

We have carefully selected a series of courses and Clouder exams designed to provide comprehensive learning and hands-on experience. By completing these recommended courses, you will gain a deep understanding of Alibaba Cloud's offerings, enabling you to leverage our solutions effectively in your projects.

Whether you are looking to enhance your expertise in cloud computing, security, database management, or AI, these courses are tailored to meet your learning needs. Start your journey today and become a certified Alibaba Cloud expert!

Elastic Computing

Cloud Server

Networking & CDN

Cloud Network
CDN and Acceleration


Relational Database
NoSQL Database
Utility & Tools


Essential Storage Service


Cloud Security
Data Security


Data Computing
Data Development

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Container & Middleware


Architecting, DevOps & Solution

Cloud Migration