BootCamps for Partners

The following bootcamps are designed to provide partners with an immersive learning experience to learn about Alibaba Cloud products and solutions, click "Learn More" to view more details.
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Cloud Fundamental Products Migration

This bootcamp introduces all the solutions you should know about how to migrate your IT infrastructure to Alibaba Cloud. We will start with cloud migration principles, Alibaba Cloud Migrate best practices, followed with hands-on experiments for application, data and database migration.

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Oracle Database and Application Alibaba Cloud Migration

This bootcamp introduces the end-to-end Oracle to PolarDB migration methodology. Participants will learn the details of installation, configuration and operation with Alibaba Cloud Advanced Database & Application Migration (ADAM) tool, and how to use ADAM to complete Oracle to Alibaba Cloud migration.

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Public Cloud Automated O&M

This bootcamp introduces Alibaba Cloud O& M related products, provides hands-on experiments about monitoring Alibaba Cloud resources, implementing log service best practices, managing ECS/database resources and deploying automatic lifecycle management.

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Container Service Operation and Management

This bootcamp will help participants to be familiar with various operations and configuration details of Alibaba Cloud container service and container registry products. It provides various of hands-on exercises to help the participants to be ready with container operation.

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