Specialty Oracle Migration to PolarDB
Specialty Oracle Migration to PolarDB
Class at a Glance
  • Exam Time Length
    90 Minutes
  • Language
This bootcamp is designed for architects, developers and O&M personnel who use Alibaba Cloud products and tools to help enterprise customers to go through the journey of enterprise database cloud transformation.
Recommended For
System Architect, Database Administrator, Cloud database migration engineers
Capabilites Possessed
  • Has professional knowledge of IT, especially a deep conceptual understanding of cloud native database systems like PolarDB and AnalyticDB
  • Ability to formulate effective technology solutions and enterprise best practices based on Alibaba Cloud Digital Transformation related solutions
  • Able to use Alibaba Cloud's database products and ADAM tools (online and offline) to do assessment for enterprise customers original databases and applications, to help enterprise customers smoothly go through the cloud transformation journey
  • Able to diagnose common issues which emerge during the operations phase of business systems transformation to Alibaba Cloud and be able to utilize the recommended tools and utilities to diagnose and address them
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Knowledge Preparation
  • Need to know about the basic distributed system theory, understand common components like distributed file system and computation frameworks, resource management components, resource coordination components, etc
  • Familiar with the concepts of Alibaba Cloud Computing related products, including ECS, Container Service and Function Compute, and so on
  • Familiar with the concepts of Alibaba Cloud Storage related products, including EBS, NAS, OSS, etc
  • Familiar with the concepts of Alibaba Cloud Database related products, including RDS, DRDS, Redis, MongoDB, etc
  • Familiar with the concepts of Alibaba Cloud Networking related products, including VPC, NAT Gateway, SLB, etc
  • Aware of main application scenarios of Alibaba Cloud Database related products and how they shall be used together
  • Familiar with features of Alibaba Cloud fundamental products in IaaS and key product implementation principles
  • Able to discover and resolve common issues emerged during the use of Alibaba Cloud fundamental products in IaaS
  • Understand database concepts such as distributed storage, distributed computing, relational data structures and non-relational data structures
  • Understand basic concepts and common methods related to relational databases, including transactions, indexes, OLTP, modeling methods, SQL (DDL, DML), and so on
  • Understand the basic concepts and common techniques of data warehouse systems, including dimensions, fact tables, extemporaneous queries, data mining, OLAP, star model, and ETL
  • Have some programming experience with a common language such as Java or Python, and be able to use that knowledge for data processing and simple program development
  • Understand the life cycle of software development. Understand project construction or project management