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  • Operation of New Media - Live Streaming
Operation of New Media - Live Streaming
  • Training
  • Operation of New Media - Live Streaming
Operation of New Media - Live Streaming
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    Industry Solution
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    Remote Online Training
  • Date
    October 16
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Through the analysis of how to use live broadcasting tools, this course will help business owners learn the route "understanding → positioning → tool utilizing" in order to better apply live broadcasting reasonably and effectively in brand growth path. In the live telesales, consumers, goods and settings are always the cores. We need to have insights of consumer behavior and shopping mentality so that we can improve the operation efficiency of broadcasting content and design a complete broadcasting conversion route. Afterwards, we can use selected data and PDCA model to review for improvement. This is the complete broadcasting operation loop.
Recommended For
Employees in e-commerce or telesales and marketing department of enterprises, general and outstanding broadcasters, basic-level managers of live broadcasting
Course Objectives
  • With case discussion, you will understand how to use different lights, master the lighting layout method of live broadcast scene, and improve the image quality of live broadcasting;
  • By analyzing the framework of broadcasting and positioning the key elements of products, you will hone the script writing skills of individual products so as to improve the content output quality of live broadcasting;
  • Through simulation training, you will better understand consumers' view of live broadcasting and the typical obstacles. by the end of the training, you will be able to generate related solutions based on the course content.
Training Outline
  • Dedicated operation to attract traffic from private domain
  • Rational operation data leveraging public domain traffic
  • Data thinking to keep customers staying longer
  • Utilization of content logic to find out what consumers are thinking
  • Product operation in live broadcasting
  • Live broadcasting script-writing
  • Six abilities improvement of a broadcaster
  • Interpretion of live data and determination of live strategies
  • Optimization of live broadcast team