Alibaba Cloud Certification Renewal

Renew your Alibaba Cloud Certification annually at no cost to advance your career.

Stay Alibaba Cloud Certified

Alibaba Cloud professional certifications cover the complete portfolio of products and solutions for major domains within the IT industry. In order to validate and demonstrate a user's ability to work in each domain, the professional certifications prepare you to tackle the industry's toughest positions for you to reach your full potential. For your convenience, most of our exams are now available online and offline.

  • • For Individuals:
    Earn certifications prove that you are professional in the corresponding technical field, can solve practical problems based on Alibaba Cloud products, and get more employment opportunities in the Alibaba Cloud ecosystem.

  • • For Organizations:
    Alibaba Cloud professional certifications can help you cultivate and tap professional talents, improve the organization's cloud technology capabilities, and obtain more business opportunities from Alibaba Cloud ecological projects.

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