Project AsiaForward
Internet Industry Enablement Course


The Project AsiaForward Internet Industry Enablement Course is a 3-lesson course providing the needy knowledge for you to soar above your competitors with Alibaba Cloud, Elastic, and MongoDB's cloud solutions.

Learn what solutions Alibaba Cloud, Elastic, and MongoDB offer to help your innovate in the Internet Industry, and how to turn that into success with the best practices we shared.

Target Audience

Organizations for whom the internet industry is the key area of their business

Organizations using media & gaming services to augment or enhance their business

Companies evaluating Alibaba Cloud's Gaming & Entertainment Solutions for their needs


Course List


Video Course

Ready for Metaverse: Alibaba Cloud Gaming & Entertainment Solutions and Best Cases

Metaverse is the next phase of the Internet. It is also the combination and evolution of Gaming and Entertainment. Learn what Alibaba Cloud offer to ready yourself for Metaverse.

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Elasticsearch Use Cases on Alibaba Cloud - Elastic

Why do companies choose Elasticsearch? How to power your business with Elasticsearch? This lesson is provided by Elastic.

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Why Internet Industry Choose MongoDB to Innovate & Optimize - MongoDB

Choosing the right database is essential to power your agility and further innovation, learn why MongoDB is a leading database, and the features and use cases of ApsaraDB for MongoDB. This lesson is provided by MongoDB.

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