Certification ACP Container Service Certification

ACP Container Service Certification

USD 120.00, Original Price:USD 200.00

Certification at a Glance

Exam Duration
120 Minutes
Exam Questions
100 Questions
USD 120.00
Original Price:USD 200.00


This certification includes advanced knowledge required for cloud-native container engineers, including the ability to apply your knowledge of containers to orchestrating cloud-native workloads and understanding of the advanced features of Alibaba Cloud's cloud-native container products, and application scenarios. Obtaining this certification will make it easier to build cloud-native applications and get noticed by employers looking for Cloud Native professionals.

Recommended For

Container O&M Engineers, Application Developers, College Students

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Exam Overview

  • Certification: ACP Container Service Certification
  • Test Type: Enter exam platform to choose either the offline or online test.
  • Available Languages: English
  • Passing Score: 65 (out of 100 points)
  • Attention 1: 14 days are required between the taking of any two professional exams.
  • Attention 2: This exam is non-refundable.
  • Registration Fee: USD 120.00

Prepare for Exam

  • ACP Container Service Certification Exam Preparation Course

    This training course introduces the definition of cloud native and the basic knowledge of cloud native technology, focusing on the basic knowledge of cloud native container technology, and container Docker and Kubernetes. This course introduces the concept of Alibaba Cloud Container Service, as well as the architecture and operation and maintenance practices of Alibaba Cloud Container Service Kubernetes, Serverless Kubernetes (ASK) and Service Mesh (ASM), ACR and ACK@Edge, so that you can better understand and master Knowledge and best practices of Alibaba Cloud Container Service.

    Online Training English