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"As Alibaba Cloud has multiple data centers in China, and a data center in Singapore we saw them as the best option to cater to our two key markets - China and Thailand."

    True IDC Case Study


    True IDC was established in April 2003 and is a leading data center and cloud services provider in Thailand, with multiple data centers located in Bangkok and across Thailand. All True IDC data centers are certified Tier 3 or above for data security and hold multiple ISO quality standard certifications in IT, information management and cloud safety.

    True IDC is committed to driving business in the digital age by providing exemplary support in data center and cloud services.


    Driven by Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), the Software as a Service (SaaS) market is growing rapidly both in Thailand and in nearby ASEAN countries. Therefore, at True IDC we wanted to build a marketplace that allowed SMEs to promote their SaaS products and create an ecosystem for SMEs to collaborate on the same platform. With our expansion plans in place, we were looking for a solution provider with the aptitude to drive better business outcomes for our platform.

    Scalability of the web application was one of our primary challenges. We needed an application that could accommodate fluctuating traffic by effectively scaling up or down resources based on business requirements. Naturally the infrastructure resources had to be available, fast, and agile with the ability to go global in minutes. Along with that, we needed extensive data storage with a reliable back-up system in place to reduce any chance of data loss or damage.

    Why Alibaba Cloud?

    As Thailand has a very close economic relationship with China, and many Thai SMEs are promoting their SaaS products to Chinese customers, we were looking for a solution provider that understood the market both in China and Thailand. As a subsidiary company of Ascend Group, True IDC also carries itself with our parent company's brand name. Thus, we needed to find a reputable cloud partner who could carry that name forward into new territories

    Alibaba Cloud is quite active in Thailand and their name came up in our initial discussions. As Alibaba Cloud has multiple data centers in China, and a data center in Singapore we saw them as the best option to cater to our two key markets - China and Thailand. As the leading cloud provider in China, Alibaba Cloud also came with a strong reputation and a reliable network for us to deploy from. We therefore decided to explore opportunities to collaborate with Alibaba Cloud in the public cloud space.


    Products used: Server Load Balancer, Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Relational Database Service (RDS)

    Alibaba Cloud offered us a dual application structure to ensure optimal performance. Server Load Balancer manages multiple instances, and supports us in our endeavor to effectively distribute the server load. Instances can flexibly be increased or decreased depending on load and traffic. This process has increased application scalability and availability.

    Further, they added Alibaba Cloud RDS Master for storing the data securely and provided RDS Slave for backup and disaster recovery, which makes our architecture extremely secure. The standby Management Server also acts as a back up to the Master Management Server in case of points of failure.

    The Alibaba Cloud support has been pivotal in helping us achieve our application goals through which we can effectively provide the best experience possible to our customers.