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"The friendly UI and multi-language interface are great for entrepreneurial teams that work across boarders.”

Netherfire Entertainment Case Study


Based in Silicon Valley and founded in 2014, Netherfire Entertainment is a global mobile game publisher that specializes in game development, operations and big data advertisement analysis.

Through the Facebook advertising application and our own optimized cloud platform, Netherfire have gradually formed a big data platform built on Alibaba Cloud. This platform provides ad serving strategy support for Chinese enterprises looking to do business abroad and for foreign enterprises coming to China.


When we started Netherfire two years ago, hardware and software all required solutions from independent sources. Faced with the need for server hosting, server maintenance and monitoring, security protection, and now ECS, cloud deployment, private clouds, and ECS clusters, our entrepreneurial team desperately needed a low-cost and high performance solution.

Why Alibaba Cloud?

At my previous company we tried Amazon's cloud service and then we used Softlayer. Now at this company we have opted for Alibaba Cloud. My reason for going with Alibaba Cloud was because of the friendly UI and multi-language interface, which is great for entrepreneurial teams working in both the U.S. and China, and the CDN service is suitable for global businesses, especially in Southeast Asia. Alibaba Cloud has a data center in Silicon Valley, which is suitable for companies headquartered in Silicon Valley.

In June 2015, we decided to deploy on Alibaba Cloud's servers in China, USA and Singapore for the purpose of data storage.

Using Alibaba Cloud we have been pleasantly surprised to find that they offer a wide range of products and are meticulous about each product feature.


We currently use Alibaba Cloud’s Elastic Computer Service (ECS), ApsaraDB for RDS, Anti-DDoS, CloudMonitor, Alibaba Cloud DNS, and ApsaraDB for Memcache.

The Results

Previously we used to have many problems with server security vulnerabilities, accident warnings and malicious attacks. Since moving to Alibaba Cloud, their application servers and databases provide powerful support for our products, with Anti-DDoS and CloudMonitor services providing support for the security of our servers and data. Receiving texts and alerts informing us in real-time about the status of our servers is great.

Alibaba Cloud's many features and convenient operations have also allowed our North American and Chinese teams to communicate with ease.

Peter Huo, Founder of Netherfire.