Short Message Service(SMS) & Mail Service

50,000 Emails, Only USD$1.99. 120 short messages start at only USD $1.00 Limited Time Offer!

Get Your Message Across Through Multiple Channels Smartly
Short Message Service
Direct Mail
Alibaba Mail
Special Offer

Direct Mail - 50K Emails

A simple service that sends batch emails quickly and efficiently

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  • Stable and scalable
  • Fast and accurate
  • High performance
6 month subscription
$ 1.99 / 6 months

Original $13.05 / 6 months

Best Seller

Direct Mail - 500K Emails

A simple service that sends batch emails quickly and efficiently

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  • Suitable for SME
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Data analytics
6 month subscription
$ 121.80 / 6 months

Direct Mail - 1 Million Emails

A simple service that sends batch emails quickly and efficiently

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  • Multiple email sending methods
  • Multi-dimensional data statistics
  • Pay-as-you-go
6 month subscription
$ 230.55 / 6 months

Direct Mail - 5 Million Emails

A simple service that sends batch emails quickly and efficiently

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  • Multiple mail types
  • Deliver high conversion rates
  • Easy integration
6-month subscription
$ 1,123.75 / 6 months

Special Offer


Help build channels with efficient, and intelligent communication capabilities

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  • 120 messages package
  • New users only and one set per user
95% off Starts on 11.1 Special Offer
$ 1.00

Global SMS Package

Supports SMS sending service in a limited number of countries and regions globally

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  • 4 packages
  • Unit price at $ 0.5/msg
  • Up to 20k per package
6 month subscription Enterprise Only
From $150.00 / 6 months

Global Plus SMS Package

Send SMS to more than 200 countries and regions across the world

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  • 3000 messages package
  • 8000 messages package
  • 20000 messages package
6 month subscription Enterprise only
From $300.00 / 6 months

Local SMS Package

Send messages for specific destinations with cheaper unit price

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  • 4 packages
  • Unit price at $0.015/msg
  • Up to 20k per package
6 month subscription Enterprise only
From $150.00 / 6 months

Special Price

Standard Edition

A safe and reliable email platform for enterprises of all sizes

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  • Special offer for 3 accounts
  • For 1 month subscription
  • Quantity limit: 1
$3.99 / month

Special Price

Advanced Edition

Larger storage at reasonable prices

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  • Special offer for 3 accounts
  • For 1 month subscription
  • Quantity Limit: 1
$4.99 / month

Recommended Products to Better Connect Your Customers

Build Your Campaign Page

  • Ensure engaging customer experience
  • Handle unpredictable traffic
  • One-stop website builder
Special Price

Simple Application Server

Perfect for building websites and personal blogs

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  • 1C 0.5G
  • Limit 1 instance
  • $19.90 for 1 year
First Order
$19.90 / year

Server Load Balancer

It distributes network traffic across groups of backend servers to improve the service capability and application availability

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  • Multiple protocols
  • High security and reliability
  • Cloud-Native
Secure Reliable Flexible


For business-critical database applications that require fast performance, high concurrency, and automatic scaling

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  • 2C8G General-purpose, PolarDB for MySQL
    2C8G Dedicated, PolarDB for PostgreSQL
    2C8G Dedicated, PolarDB for Oracle
Apply Monthly
Always Free

Facilitate Your Retail

  • Combine offline with online
  • Omnichannel Experience
  • Efficient Operations

Image Search

An intelligent image search service that helps users resolve image search requests

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  • 1 Month Free Trial
  • No limit on units
  • For 1 month subscription
1 Month Free Trial


Cloud Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) helps retailers improve their operation and management efficiency

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  • Retail IoT Solution
  • Centralized management
  • Data-driven operation
O2O Interaction AI

15% Off


A fully managed cloud service developed based on open-source Elasticsearch

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  • Yearly subscription discounts for all Spec.
  • 15% off for 1-year-subscription,
    30% off for 2-year-subscription,
    40% off for 3-year-subscription
From $1,470.64 / year

Get Your Content
Closer to Customer

  • End-to-end livestreaming solution
  • Global CDN with ultra-low latency
  • Fast deployment at low-costs
Free 1 TB Traffic

ApsaraVideo Live

A livestreaming platform for both video and audio with low latency and high concurrency

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  • Multi-client support
  • Industry-tailored solutions
  • Robust security management
3 month validity period

Free 1 TB Traffic

ApsaraVideo VOD

An all-in-one solution to build secure, scalable, and highly customizatable VOD platforms

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  • Multiple content protection
  • Stable and smooth playback
  • Scalable and easy-to-use functions
3 month validity period

1 TB Free Traffic

Alibaba Cloud CDN

A scalable and high-performance content delivery service to reach out to your users globally

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  • High-performance and stability
  • Comprehensive data analysis
  • High speed content delivery
3 month validity period

Secure Your Business

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Mitigate cyberattack risks
  • End-to-end solution

Fraud Detection

A risk management solution that features real-time analysis and accurate identification

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  • Real-time risk identification
  • Algorithm-based device risk control
  • End-to-end protection
Real-time analysis
From $ 1,238.00 / year

15% Off


Protect against high volume DDoS attacks

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  • 15% off for yearly subscription
  • Low latency, Tbit/s bandwidth, and anycast
New Purchase
From $ 26,826.00

Web Application Firewall

Secure your web applications

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  • 15% off for yearly subscription
  • Top 1 in Asia-Pacific
First Order
From $ 3,049.80

Gain Insights from
Data Intelligence

  • Drive data-driven insights
  • Maximize the value of data
  • Real-time data analysis

Data Transmission Service

An easy-to-use and must-have service for migrating database to the cloud

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  • Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Data Migration
  • Real-time Data Warehousing
  • Free Full Data Migration



A powerful and accessible data visualization tool allows the user to seize new opportunities

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  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Real-time busines data monitoring
  • Easy-to-use interface
From $ 360.00 / year

Quick BI

A new generation of business Intelligence services ensures users to make data-driven decisions

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  • Seamless integration of cloud data
  • Build data portals quickly
  • Flexibly embed into third-party systems
From $ 700.00 / year

Engage and Convert with Easy-to-Use, Intelligent Email Services and SMS
Direct Mail
Direct Mail is a simple service that sends email notifications and batch emails quickly and efficiently without building a personal email server.
Short Message Service
SMS has batch sending feature and various API operations to send various types of messages to customers in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide.
Alibaba Mail
Alibaba Mail is the only email service provider in the industry that supports public cloud services. It helps provide fast, secure, and stable services for enterprises.

Key Advantages

Our SMS features high concurrency, and supports diversified message content formats. It can be deployed with simple API integration and is free of O&M. It also supports message analysis.

Types of Messages

OTP Messages: Registration on apps or websites, secure login, payment verification, identity verification, and password reset;
Notification Messages: Notifications of orders, payments, logistics, meetings, and daily life services;
Promotional Messages: Product release, product promotion, member care, event invitation, and cross-border marketing.

Safe and Stable

Based on Alibaba's cloud architecture, it has the same level of security attack and defense system as Tmall and Alipay, providing all-round protection for your data.


It integrates mail, calendar, address book, and a variety of collaborative office value-added services, connecting the existing office applications of the enterprise seamlessly.

Open and Scalable

It has good scalability and openness, supports the rich and open mailbox API interface, single sign-on, and various enterprise integration requirements.


The daily sending capacity exceeds 100 million and fully supports Alibaba's e-commerce eco-system.


Real-time deduction for successful deliveries with pay-as-you-go options.


Send emails hassle-free with the product console, API interface, and SMTP interface.