Databricks DataInsight

A fully managed platform for big data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) development that is built based on Apache Spark
Embedded with Databricks Runtime, a highly optimized Apache Spark engine, Databricks DataInsight provides efficient and stable computing capabilities
Integrated with various Alibaba Cloud services, Databricks DataInsight ensures data security and allows you to configure monitoring and alert policies. You can also dynamically scale clusters in or out based on business requirements.

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Intelligent Analysis Platform of Big Data

Intelligent Analysis Platform of Big Data - Databricks DataInsight

Cloud's Data Analytics Platform Powered by Databricks


Fully compatible with open-source Apache Spark and developed based on the optimized collaboration of Alibaba Cloud and Databricks
Provides a commercial service level agreement (SLA) and 24/7 technical support from Databricks experts

High Performance

The Databricks Runtime engine allows you to improve the kernel performance up to 50 times. Integrated with Delta Lake, Databricks Runtime optimizes query operations. Without tuning, the engine can process the metadata of a table that contains petabytes of data read from billions of files. This way, you can enjoy the integration of batch processing and stream processing.

High Reliability

Databricks Delta Lake brings atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability (ACID) transactions to Data Lake Analytics, automatically optimizes file sizes, and verifies the schemas of tables to ensure data quality and consistency.

Interactive Collaboration

Databricks DataInsight can meet different computing needs for data scientists, data engineers, business analysts, and many other occupations. Databricks DataInsight optimizes the features of importing and exporting data and provides you with a data analysis platform that supports interactive collaboration.
New Retail

Different elements of the retail industry are undergoing a significant change, including the supply chain, store management, sales, and marketing. To obtain a clear understanding of customers' requirements, retailers are placing higher demands on data analysis. Databricks DataInsight enables retailers to perform high-quality data analysis in real-time to provide customers with services that feature strong customization capabilities and high flexibility.

Life Science and Healthcare

Life science and healthcare are accumulating oceans of data every day. Databricks empowers healthcare practitioners to determine the best treatments and optimize the quality of care. With Databricks' powerful analysis engine, life scientists can accelerate the discovery of new drugs and improve therapeutics.


To cope with ever-increasing challenges from the customers, competitors, and disruptors, automakers are transforming their traditional businesses into digital businesses. Databricks helps automakers conduct real-time anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, and IoT data analysis to improve product quality and customer service.

Financial Services

Databricks facilitates the integration of big data and AI in financial services to speed up the progress of digital transformation for the financial industry. Databricks enables financial enterprises to enjoy intelligent features, such as credit scoring, risk control, fraud detection, and automatic prediction. This service helps enterprises achieve their goals.

Big Data Analysis Engine That Unifies Batch and Stream Processing

Deeply integrated with Alibaba Cloud services and features, such as the data governance and data lineage of DataWorks and Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI), to provide a more comprehensive data solution

Shape Digital Core Competitiveness through Technologies and Consulting Service

Data analysis is becoming an increasingly significant factor to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. However, less than 10% of the business data is analyzed for decision-making, and even less data is applied to AI and machine learning. The value of data is far beyond anything people can imagine. Our data intelligence consulting team consists of experts that have gained rich experience in industry data governance and acquired in-depth data modeling and analysis capabilities to help you achieve digital transformation for your enterprise.

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