Forrester, one of the most influential IT research and advisory firms, released the latest database evaluation report "The Forrester Wave™: Database-As-A-Service, Q2 2019". Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB was successfully selected for the list, and performed best among domestic companies, entering the "Strong Performers" quadrant.

In 2018, Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB successfully entered the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Database. And, this time, it was included in the Forrester global database report, which means Alibaba Cloud has been continuously recognized by two top international organizations.

Top Score in 7 Dimensions

According to the Forrester report, Alibaba Cloud Database takes a leading position in terms of technical architecture, developer friendliness, data security and service ecology, and obtains top score in the following 7 dimensions.
Mature technical architecture and user cases
  • 01

    Disaster recovery capability: Alibaba Cloud is deployed globally, and provides highly available disaster recovery cluster capability across AZs in all regions.

  • 02

    Abundant product forms: Transaction processing, online analysis, hybrid transaction and analysis load, search engine and other product forms are involved, to meet the needs of different users.

  • 03

    Application scenarios: Many well-known enterprises have already supported different forms of key businesses based on Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB.

Developer support
  • 04

    Development language support: It provides rich APIs/SDKs, supports more than 13 different development languages and rich ANSI SQL standards, and provides online Cloud Native database management tools to realize one-stop data management.

Data security
  • 05

    Security audit: It provides users with comprehensive SQL operation auditing and a complete full graphical query interface, to help users check SQL operation vulnerabilities in reverse.

Service and ecosystem
  • 06

    Technical support and after-sales service: Alibaba Cloud provides 7x24 round-the-clock service support and is well received by users. It is a database service provider that users can trust.

  • 07

    Partners: Good cooperative relations are maintained with world-renowned manufacturers, including SAP, VMWare, Vodafone, MariaDB, and Microsoft. A rich database upstream and downstream ecosystem is more conducive to the long-term development of customer businesses.

According to Forrester, Alibaba Cloud has a complete end-to-end database products and services, providing automatic configuration, management, and high availability capabilities, and has been recognized by customers in terms of performance, flexibility, configuration and support.

Cloud Migration Expert
with Cutting-edge technologies

  • Cloud Native database technology PolarDB has implemented leading Cloud Native database capabilities through technologies, such as IO path bypass, innovative consistency protocol, and physical replication, and the cost performance ratio is 10 times that of traditional database.
  • Intelligent database technology DBaaS platform has various automation capabilities. Based on artificial intelligence technology, it implements parameter self-tuning, memory use self-tuning, and fault self-processing.
  • Database security technology Alibaba Cloud is the first cloud database service provider in China to provide BYOK, providing complete full-link encryption from user connection to data transmission to data storage.
  • AnalyticDB technology AnalyticDB is the fastest real-time analysis database, ranking first in TPC-DS, a global authoritative analytical benchmark.

Product Recommendation

  • PB-level real-time data warehouse with high concurrency and low latency
  • Full compatibility with MySQL protocol and SQL:2003 syntax standard
RDS for PostgreSQL
  • Easy Spatial Information Processing
  • Strong Compatibility with NoSQL
  • Supports Full-text Search
  • High Security Database Protection
  • Multiple Deployment Architectures
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Multiple Maintenance Features