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ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server

An on-demand database hosting service for SQL Server. Learn more>



Multiple Protection Mechanisms and Security Compliance Certification

Comprehensive Monitoring and Alarming Service

Data Recovery Within Several Minutes


Highly compatible with Microsoft AD domain

Available for 2016EE, 2012EE, 2008r2 Cloud Disk Edition

Highly compatible with Microsoft AD domain

From $3568.80 USD / year

Original : From $7137.60 USD / year

ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL

Known as "The world's most advanced open source database", PostgreSQL enables OLTP databases that handle enterprise-level SQL statements. Learn more>



Multiple versions supported including PostgreSQL 9.4/10/11/12

Automated monitoring, backup and DR capabilities

Multiple data types supported including JSON, XML, GIS data and etc.


PostgreSQL 11 High-availability instance

2 Core

4 GB Memory

20 GB Standard SSDStorage

60 days Free Trial

Save : $166.00 USD

ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL

A fully hosted online database service that supports MySQL 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, and 8.0. Learn more>



Cloud-hosted service, free your hands from disturbing maintenance

Easy generation of read-only instances and automatic read load balancing supported

Multiple cloud service ecosystem for all your needs


MySQL 5.7 High-availability Instance

2 Core

4 GB memory

20 GB Local SSD Storage

60 days Free Trial

Save : $241.44 USD

Why Alibaba Cloud Database

Only Asia Pacific brand listed in Gartner's 2019 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems.
Ranked first among database management system providers in Asia Pacific and ranked third in the world in terms of market share.

Enterprise Users

Database Migration to Alibaba Cloud

Supported 544K Transactions/Second During 2019 Double 11

The Only Cloud Provider Offering the Latest MongoDB Services

7 Research Papers
Accepted by VLDB, SIGMOD and FAST 2020 in 2019

Why to Choose Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for RDS


Optimized storage engine with better I/O throughputs, multiple replica sets as an option, supports read and write splitting .

RDS for PostgreSQL

- 10,000 times faster in image recognition
- 1,000 times more accurate in user portrait generation
- 100 times more precise in similarity-based retrieval and audience spotting
- 50 times better in performance of GIS mobile object processing

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Decoupling compute and storage, flexible to scale-up or scale-down, scale-in or scale-out in minutes, easy online upgrade.

RDS for SQL Server

- Switch over between on-cloud and off-cloud environment smoothly with no less than 99.99% availability by using the three-node enterprise version.
- Freedom to join in or quit from any of your Microsoft AD domains.

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More Secure

Protect against network attacks and intercept SQL injections, brute force attacks and other types of database threats.


More permission controls for 12 high-risk operations of delete, alter, drop and purge SQL statement families.

Learn more >


Covers 90% RDBMS engines, including MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL.


Easy to use, no extra learning cost. All aspects monitoring, get your hands off dirty and heavy routine tasks.

Database Family

On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP)

Comprehensive relational transactional database products on Alibaba Cloud

PolarDB for MySQL

Cloud Native Relational Database Available for MySQL 5.6, MySQL 5.7 and MySQL 8.0. Learn more>

1 USD Trial


MySQL 5.6/5.7/8.0 instance

4 Cores

16 GB Memory (Dedicated instance)

Save up to $589.00 USD

PolarDB for Oracle

Cloud Native Database Available for All Oracle Editions. Learn more>

1 USD Trial


highly compatible with Oracle

4 Cores

16 GB Memory (Dedicated Instance)

Save up to $767.00 USD

PolarDB for PostgreSQL

Cloud Native Database AvailCloud Native Relational Database Available for PostgreSQL 11. Learn more>

1 USD Trial


PostgreSQL 11 instance

4 Cores

16 GB Memory (Dedicated Instance)

Save up to $589.00 USD


Semi-structure or non-structured databases built for superior performance.

ApsaraDB for HBase - Cluster

ApsaraDB for HBase is a NoSQL database engine that is highly optimized and 100% compatible with the community edition of HBase. It is a stable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective database solution. Learn more>

9.9 USD Trial


Cluster instance with up to 4 nodes

Master Node with 4 Cores, 8 GB Memory

Core Node with 4 Cores, 8 GB Memory

Single Core Node Capacity up to 400 GB (Ultra Disk)

Save up to $1237.88 USD

ApsaraDB for MongoDB

A secure, reliable, and elastically scalable MongoDB service. Learn more>

60 Days Free Trial

Specification (Enterprise version):

2 Cores

4GB Memory

20GB Storage

WiredTiger storage engine

VPC Network

60 Days Free Trial Save $225.60 USD

ApsaraDB for Redis

Most popular in-memory caching, four times performance than community version. Learn more>

60 Days Free Trial

Specification (Enterprise version):

Instance Class: 8GB

Standard master-replica instance

Dual-node hot-standby architecture

60 Days Free Trial Save $268.80 USD

On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)

World‘s leading cloud data warehouse and data lake services built for extreme fast analytics.

AnalyticDB for MySQL

Real-time data warehouses with high concurrency and low latency service. Learn more>

1 USD Trial


C8 Instance

8 Cores

64 GB Memory

100 GB SSD

Save up to $2431.00 USD

AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL

Online MPP (Massive Parallel Processing) data warehousing service. Learn more>

1 USD Trial


2 Nodes (for each):

1 Core

8 GB Memory

80 GB SSD User Storage

160 GB Dual Copy Storage

Save up to $173.00 USD

Utility Tools

The highway and utilities for database ecosystem on cloud.

Database Backup (DBS)

Physical or logical database protections in IDC, public clouds and hybrid clouds. Learn more>

15% OFF


Real-time incremental data backup

Rich database engines supported

Available for both on-cloud and off-cloud instances

Cost-effective way to migrate databases to the cloud

15% OFF

Database Backup (DBS)

A reliable, cost-efficient backup service for continuous data protection. Learn more>

0.01 USD Trial


Rich database engines supported

Physical and logical backup supported

Backup from anywhere, restore to anywhere

0.01 USD for 90 days

Save up to $20.99 USD

DMS - Flexible Management

A database management service which supports multiple data sources and provides multiple controls for secure access and operation permissions to improve R&D efficiency. Learn more>



The best choice for multiple data sources management without installation.

Secure and easy to use


Database Gateway

A bridge between on-cloud and off-cloud, which provides convenient secure remote access to your databases in private network. Learn more>

Free till April 2021


No public IP or ports required

No extra ECS or VPC required

Cost-effective secure DR service


DAS - Basic

A cloud database autonomy service that provides self-perception, self-repair, self-optimization, self-O&M, and self-security. Learn more>



SQL diagnostics and optimization

Support batch management of multiple instances and health checks

Auto-discovery of abnormal sessions



A proven assessment and transformation tool for migrating your legacy database to the cloud. Learn more>



The cure to your needs of migration from legacy database and application to the cloud.



Case Study

By migrating its systems to Alibaba Cloud, PrestoMall now has an infrastructural solution that provides a much higher level of security, reliability, and availability.

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What is the secret weapon behind Alibaba’s Double 11 shopping festival? Learn more about the key database infrastructure supporting Alibaba’s E-Commerce ecosystem.

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Creating a Robust Cloud-Based Database for Fintech, E-Commerce and Gaming.

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