Turn big data into big insights and ultimately guide better decision making

Enable online analytics for data stored anywhere

TB scale online analytics with ZERO maintenance effort, second level response time for highly concurrent queries without ETL.

Designed as a ready-to-use service, DLA does not require any infrastructure setup or incur upfront capital and management costs. Users can leverage DLA to directly turn data stored on OSS, Table Store, and RDS into consumable insights, displayed via various visualization tools and BI products.

Step 1

Acquire data in various formats (JSON, Avro, Parquet, ORC, CSV, log, KV etc.)

Step 2

Upload to select storage services (OSS/Table Store/RDS etc.)

Step 3

Use DLA to build external tables and query the data

Step 4

Use BI tools for visualizations and visual analytics

Joint analytics across multiple sources

Cloud native analytics across multiple data sources: OSS, PostgreSQL, MySQL (RDS), NoSQL (Table Store).

When you have data stored across multiple sources such as OSS and Table Store, DLA enables joint operations across heterogeneous data sources, turning your multiple data sources into consolidated insights.

Step 1

Acquire data from multiple data sources

Step 2

JOIN and link queries via Data Lake Analytics

Step 3

Visualize the Data

Solve Problems

Target Customers

Analytics on OSS Table Store/RDS

For those who need cloud native analytics, turn cold data into real-time insights

SQL on Cloud

For SQL developers and business analysts with SQL experience, self-service operational model

Ad-hoc Data Insights

For data scientists who want to quickly explore data insights, with built-in ETL and zero maintenance