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CEN2.0 Network Solution Webinar

  • 15:00-15:20


    Release of CEN V2.0 that features better intelligence, scalability, and flexibility

    Jerry Sun
    A senior product expert of Alibaba Cloud
  • 15:20-15:40


    CEN V2.0-based network solution and application

    Roger Wang
    A senior solution architect of Alibaba Cloud
  • 15:40-16:00


    Technical architectures and working principles of CEN V2.0

    Jackson Li
    A senior technical expert of Alibaba Cloud


Helps you better understand the major feature updates of CEN V2.0 compared with those of CEN V1.0.

Provides customer use cases on retailing and financial solutions of CEN V2.0.

Clarifies the technical architectures and core working principles of CEN V2.0.


Fully compliant with Chinese network requirements for business expansion

Alibaba Cloud and Chinese local telecom operators have jointly established connections over Express Connect circuits in China and outside China. This effectively helps your enterprise expand business in China and frees you from network compliance concerns.

Extensive network resource coverage

Alibaba Cloud provides more than 280 POPs in 27 regions around the globe. Most of these POPs are located in Asia Pacific. This helps you better develop business in Asia.

Diversified billing methods

You can choose to pay by bandwidth, traffic, or 95th percentile bandwidth based on your business requirements.

Rich features

CEN V2.0 provides rich features such as quality of service (QoS) bandwidth guarantee, traffic scheduling by using custom Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing attributes, and automatic synchronization between routes throughout the network.

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"Alibaba Cloud helped Jotun meet its heavy cross-region network demands, promote the digital transformation of its business in Mainland China, and compliance with Chinese data protection laws. In the future, Jotun plans to build a robust Alibaba Cloud and Jotun Global Cloud Strategic Cooperation Framework to promote the digitization and growth of businesses in Asia."

Royale International

"Royale chose Alibaba Cloud to leverage its comprehensive coverage and industry-leading cloud network services. It was able to easily meet is business requirements by building a global office and unified ERP system with internal management network."

InterContinental Hotels Group

"As a leading hospitality company, IHG has always been the pioneer in digital change to keep its pole position in an increasingly technology driven and interconnected world. In this digital era, we are fully devoted to providing the best guest experience in a sustainable and global manner."
-Steven Zhong VP, Hotel and Owner Solutions, IHG Greater China

Windsor Brokers

"Alibaba Cloud offered a strong platform for Windsor Brokers to grow their footprint, secure their operations and ultimately bring their investors closer to the market. Windsor Brokers invested in Alibaba Cloud's promise and is now reaping the dividends of low latency and best-in-class protection."


"The solution has increased SYNTEC's network connection speed by 10%, improving the stability and security of connecting employees' home PCs to the company's system and removing the network obstacles to online team collaboration."


Global Accelerator

An network acceleration service that provides network acceleration for Internet-facing applications on a global scale with guaranteed bandwidth and high reliability.

Express Connect

An easy-to-use network service that enables high-bandwidth, reliable, secure, and private connections between different environments.

VPN Gateway

VPN Gateway is an Internet-based service that establishes a connection between a VPC and your on-premise data center.

Smart Access Gateway

SmartAG provides an end-to-end cloud deployment solution for connecting hardware and software to Alibaba Cloud.

Network Intelligence Service (NIS)

Self-service network O&M service that features network status visualization and intelligent diagnostics capabilities.



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CEN Transit Routers

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Cloud Enterprise Network

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