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Which One Is More Powerful: AngularJS or ReactJS?

This article explains which framework (AngularJS and React JS) is more powerful.

By Harikrishna Kundariya

When it comes to building an application with a JavaScript framework, AngularJS and ReactJS are the most popular options, but each framework has strengths and weaknesses. Choosing between the two frameworks can be confusing.

Having an in-depth idea about the individual frameworks is vital to figure out the most powerful framework for app development

What Is Angular?

Angular is a popular open-source framework supported by Google and a community of developers. The core idea behind the development of AngularJS was to bring together familiar and popular patterns, designs, development practices, and components into a single framework. It helps address the potential challenges during the development of single-page applications.

AngularJS is a client-side framework that allows the development of high-performing and scalable applications. The latest version is Angular 13.

Benefits of Using AngularJS

  • Angular libraries allow developers to easily build robust template solutions.
  • It offers dependency injection and clear code development.
  • Angular allows the extension of HTML syntax and helps users create reusable components easily.
  • In Angular, it is possible to build single pages separately and combine them with other components later to get the final product.
  • Angular comes with built-in features like AngularCLI and Rxjs.
  • Angular improves the overall performance of the apps and boosts the productivity of developers.

What Is React?

React is an open-source, frontend JavaScript library used for the development of dynamic user interfaces from various usable UI components. React was introduced by Facebook and has gained much popularity over the years.

It's declarative views and component-based architecture allow developers to build complex and interactive UIs. Moreover, its learn once, write anywhere features allow experts to build scalable apps in less time.

Benefits of Using ReactJS

  • React comes with more predictable and reusable codes.
  • The library allows faster updates with frontend and server-side support.
  • React ensures speedier development time.
  • React improves the performance and loading time of the applications.
  • Debugging is easier with this framework.
  • React allows easy integration with different third-party libraries.

AngularJS vs. ReactJS: Know the Key Differences

  • Popularity

Angular and React have gained a lot of popularity among developers. However, the question is – Which is more popular? Angular is famous for the development of single-page apps.

However, React has gained more popularity than Angular because the React library comes with several reusable UI components that make it easy to get tasks done in less time. Also, it offers advantages like easy migration between different versions and rendering optimizations.

  • Performance

In terms of performance, Angular seems to be a highly preferred option because the framework uses real DOM. It is ideal for single-page apps with content that only requires occasional updates.

Moreover, AngularJS leverages the two-way binding process for replicating the modifications made to the Model. Then, they are transformed into views securely and efficiently.

On the other hand, the React framework uses the virtual DOM. It enables frontend developers to make changes without rewriting the entire HTML document. It helps enhance the performance of all applications, irrespective of their frequency of content updates and app size.

However, React supports one-way binding. It eliminates the issues that might occur due to the slow performance of real DOM. Moreover, it offers more control to the developers in the development process.

  • Learning Curve

Angular has a steep learning curve; learning Angular requires investing significant time and effort. Individuals must have a good command over various concepts and languages to learn how to use the framework.

React has a very simple learning curve. You can learn the framework quickly and get started with app development.

  • Code Quality and Maintenance

Developers can use tools (like AngularCLI) to develop and maintain high-performing apps. Integrations (such as Angular Material and Angular Core) can also improve code quality. It helps in ensuring smooth builds and lowers the efforts of developers significantly.

Maintaining the apps is another challenging task for the developers. However, using the Angular framework can help resolve the problem. It allows easy maintenance of the JavaScript codes and saves the valuable time of developers.

React comes with various aspects that help increase code quality. React also makes code maintenance easier by offering Linters. With React, developers can skip rewriting the same codes and skip getting confused. Instead, they can create codes that work well among small modules without redundancy.

  • Testing

Testing of applications is vital to identifying potential flaws and ensuring the delivery of error-free and high-performing apps. When it comes to testing, AngularJS comes with various functionalities that make testing easy and quick. Moreover, it integrates dependency injection and testing tools to ensure hassle-free testing of different components.

React leverages Redux for testing applications and logging data changes quickly. The availability of mocking functions makes tests predictable in React.

  • Scalability

When selecting a framework for app development, scalability is an essential factor. With the growth of your target audience and expansion of business offerings, you must scale your applications, which is why choosing a framework that allows easy scaling is essential.

The apps built with AngularJS are easy to scale, mainly due to its design and powerful Command Line Interface.

React comes with a virtual DOM and readily accommodates scalable development. It is one of the highly preferred frameworks for building reusable and scalable components.

  • Migration

AngularJS comes with an enhanced command line interface and built-in commands. It makes it relatively easy for developers to upgrade different applications to the latest versions. Moreover, the framework facilitates automatic updates and helps make the development process less time-consuming and tedious.

Even though React depends on external libraries, it allows seamless transitions. So, updating and migrating third-party components is simple and easy. However, developers must keep checking the third-party libraries to ensure they are compatible with the latest versions, which can be time-consuming and tedious.

  • Development Lifecycle

AngularJS can extend HTML applications to web development codes. As a result, the learning dependency reduces. It allows seamless development with minimal effort.

React combines small components into bigger ones to develop a complete view. All the entities act as individual units. Therefore, changes to one part will not affect the other parts of the applications.

Moreover, making updates is simple and easy in React. Developers can reuse the elements, save a great deal of time, and ensure faster time-to-market.


Undoubtedly, AngularJS and ReactJS come with unique capabilities and features. However, React proves to be a more powerful framework than Angular. When examining the 4.1% market share of JavaScript library, React is used by about 3.3% of all websites.

You must also consider various factors when selecting the correct JavaScript framework. For example, if you are building a single-page app, Angular is the best option. However, React is the ideal choice for complex and large web apps.

Depending on your specific requirements, you can select the apt development framework. So, understand your needs, hire the best developers, and start app development.


Which One Is Faster: React or Angular?

Angular uses a real DOM that often gives rise to potential performance issues. React leverages a virtual DOM. Hence, React is considered to be faster than Angular.

Is React More in Demand Than Angular?

Yes, React is comparatively more popular. It is constantly evolving and remains the top framework among developers because it offers simple and reusable UI components to complete tasks faster.

Which One Is More Challenging to Learn: Angular or React?

React has a very easy learning curve. Angular is a little difficult to learn.


The demand for software or applications is increasing in the digital era. To build a high-performing application, the choice of framework matters a lot. AngularJS and ReactJS are prominent choices among developers worldwide when building stunning and highly-performing applications. This article explained which framework (AngularJS and React JS) is more powerful.

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