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What Is Elastic Desktop Service

This article describes what Elastic Desktop Service is and its advanced Features and Benefits.

What Is Elastic Desktop Service

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Desktop Service (EDS) is a secure, efficient, and easy-to-use cloud-based desktop service that can help you quickly create and efficiently manage cloud desktops to provide a secure and flexible office system.

Elastic Desktop Service Architecture

Elastic Desktop Service(EDS) users are classified into the following types based on responsibilities and requirements:

  • Administrators: O&M administrators. Administrators manage cloud desktops in a centralized manner. For example, administrators can create, assign, and release cloud desktops.
  • Regular users: cloud desktop users. Regular users can use the EDS client to connect to cloud desktops.

The following figure shows the architecture of Elastic Desktop Service(EDS).


Elastic Desktop Service(EDS) Features

Elastic Desktop Service(EDS) provides the following features:

  • Efficient and cost-effective management

    • Allows you to create, assign, and release cloud desktops for efficient desktop delivery.
    • Allows you to centrally manage cloud desktops for simple and efficient O&M.
    • Provides CPU- and GPU-based specifications. You can create cloud desktops as needed. You are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • Secure and reliable data

    • Allows you to store data on the cloud with high reliability.
    • Relies on the fully managed infrastructure of Alibaba Cloud so that you do not have to take on the burden of infrastructure O&M.
    • Allows you to flexibly configure security policies and provides features such as USB redirection, centralized management of read and write permissions on local disks and clipboards, and desktop watermarking.
  • Secure and convenient access

    • Allows you to connect to cloud desktops over the Internet and internal networks or by using dedicated lines.
    • Uses security gateways to implement network isolation and ensure secure access.
    • Allows you to access cloud desktops anytime, anywhere by using the EDS client installed in operating systems such as Windows and macOS.
    • Supports USB redirection. You can connect peripherals such as USB flash drives and printers to cloud desktops.
  • Integration with AD systems of enterprises

    • Allows you to connect EDS to the Active Directory (AD) systems of enterprises.
    • Supports access across networks and regions to meet the requirements of remote management from large enterprises.
  • Integration with cloud services

    • Integrates with other Alibaba Cloud services to provide a variety of office solutions.
    • Provides an all-in-one console to integrate with other Alibaba Cloud services and IT facilities and allows you to manage your desktop systems efficiently.

Benefits of Elastic Desktop Service(EDS)

Elastic Desktop Service(EDS) is an easy-to-use, secure, and efficient cloud desktop service. It helps you quickly establish a high-performance, low-cost desktop system.

  • Ease of use

    • Out-of-the-box: You do not need to make excessive investments in infrastructure. You can deploy EDS on the cloud with a few clicks. You are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis.
    • Multi-client access: You can access your cloud desktops by using the EDS client that is installed in different operating systems anytime, anywhere.
  • Security

    • Access security: You must access cloud desktops by using security gateways to isolate the VPC in which your cloud desktop resides from the Internet. EDS uses Resource Access Management (RAM) or Active Directory (AD) for secure account management. This allows access to the authentication systems of enterprises.
    • Data security: Data is stored in the cloud. Multiple security policies and highly reliable distributed storage are used to protect your data.
  • Efficiency

    • Centralized management: EDS allows you to centrally manage cloud resources and quickly create both images and snapshots. It also supports various security policies and audit features. This way, you can easily maintain a large number of desktops.
    • All-in-one console: EDS can access other Alibaba Cloud services and connect to IT facilities. This allows you to efficiently establish and maintain desktop systems.

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Elastic Desktop Service

EDS enables quick and convenient creation and deployment as well as centralized management and O&M for desktop environments. You can quickly create a secure, high-performance, and cost-efficient cloud desktop without making large hardware investments upfront.
EDS is widely applied in fields such as finance, design, video, and education that have high requirements for secure data management and control and high-performance computing.

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The Scenarios of Elastic Desktop Service (EDS)

Elastic Desktop Service (EDS) can be widely used in multiple fields that have high requirements for secure data management and control and high-performance computing. These fields include finance, design, video, and education. It is also applicable in multiple complex scenarios, such as telecommuting, multi-branch collaboration, secure office automation (OA), a short-term commitment, and graphic design.

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