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What Are the Best Offers Available in the Alibaba Cloud March Mega Sale?

This article highlights some of the outstanding opportunities the Alibaba Cloud March Mega Sale presents to accelerate your cloud journey.

Whether you are a developer, small-to-medium business or large enterprise, the cloud presents extensive opportunities to innovate and generate efficiencies. Alibaba Cloud has released a range of discounts and opportunities in March to help you accelerate your cloud journey, and here are some of the best:

Elementary instance

Starter Package 4.0 provides access to Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance types of different configurations to enable use cases that range from enterprise-level applications to database systems, caches and search clusters and small-scale data analysis and computing. If you are looking to experiment with cloud or enable basic use cases such as running a web server, developing and testing software or running a low-to-mid performance database, you should consider the ECS instance type available through the Elementary Starter Package.

This instance – available from just $2.50 per month – features one core-CPU and 1GB of memory, 20GB SSD disk and 50GB data transfer, and is burstable – a budget friendly option provided you do not require sustained high CPU usage.

Simple Application Server

If you are running a startup, the cloud presents an opportunity to reduce initial capital expenditure demands and align costs with growth, while accessing the expertise, resources and experience of a multinational provider with a proven track record.

Alibaba Cloud has prepared a range of offers in the March Mega Sale to accelerate startup businesses, spanning compute and simple application development, storage, databases and SMS and email. Specifically, you should review the opportunities presented by Simple Application Server (SAS) – a lightweight cloud server, suitable for developers, that is easy to set up and manage and features pre-created server images that enable even your non-technical users to get basic e-commerce, blog and other applications up and running. SAS 1C2G – which features one vCPU and 2GB memory, as well as a 40GB ESSD and 1.5TB data transfer is available from just $5.98 for three months, with a further discount for renewals – presents a compelling, low-cost option to run e-commerce websites and web applications.


Finance Businesses

Cloud maturity – and requirements from the cloud – varies considerably by industry, as well as by individual businesses of all sizes and developers. You may also hesitate to commit to a particular cloud service without fully understanding its capabilities and whether it is the best fit for your requirements.

Alibaba Cloud is offering free trials of certain products to businesses from the retail, finance, manufacturing and internet-plus sectors to help them review features designed to address their specific needs. The finance offering is particularly compelling with the products available for trial designed to address timely issues ranging from DDoS and other attacks targeting websites and services to the effective centralized management of desktops. These trials cover:

Anti-DDoS: This service automatically mitigates DDoS attacks and reinforces the security of your applications
PolarDB: A scalable, cost effective and cloud-native relational database compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle, unleashed through ApsaraDB for PolarDB.
Web Application Firewall: A firewall product that products your websites and web servers based on the intelligent computing capabilities of Alibaba Cloud Security.
Elastic Desktop Service: A secure and convenient, cloud-based Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution.

Enterprise Accounts

For Enterprise accounts – and you’ll need to complete the company real-time registration verification process here – Alibaba Cloud has provided a range of discounts and packaged offers to help accelerate your cloud journey. These include access to SAS and ECS instances designed for specific use cases, such as application deployment, security management and O&M monitoring, and medium to large-scale websites, distributed analytics and computing, and web applications.

The ECS C5 2C4G instance for Linux can provide the compute power for use cases for enterprises in industries such as web hosting, advertising and gaming and is available to users registered in China (Hong Kong), United States and Indonesia for just $37.98 for three months, down from $187.20 – with further discounts available for renewal.

Doing Business in China

Entering a market as large and full of potential as China may seem intimidating to some businesses – however, if you are hesitating about making a change, Alibaba Cloud is delivering deep discounts for a range of products and services bundled under opportunities to innovate and succeed there. To ‘Go China’, a business may take advantage of discounts of up to 90% for services such as Global Accelerator, a network acceleration service based on the bandwidth and global transmission networks provided by Alibaba Cloud, and of 25% for the GoChina ICP Filing Assistant, a service that helps businesses obtain permits to operate as an Internet Content Provider in China - a critical step towards operating online in the country.

These offers and others available in the Alibaba Cloud March Mega Sale present a tremendous opportunity to access premium cloud services from a multinational provider without committing extensive financial resources. All offers are subject to conditions available here.

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