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What AI Can and Cannot Do for a Marketer

This short article discusses the pros and cons of AI within digital marketing.


As a marketer, you are probably always looking for new and innovative ways to help your business grow. You may have heard about AI and wondered how you can use AI to improve marketing efforts.

This article discusses what AI can do for advertisers and marketers and its limitations.

What AI Can Do for a Marketer

Any marketer will tell you that AI is the next big thing, but what can it do for us? This section will explore four ways AI can help marketers achieve their goals.

AI Can Help with Data Analysis

Data analysis is the most effective and important task for a marketer. It helps us understand what customers want and how they behave. AI can help us automate this process, making it faster and easier.

For example, AI can help us track customer behavior across different channels and platforms. Advertisers can use this data to create targeted marketing campaigns more likely to convert.

Additionally, AI can help analyze large data sets to identify trends and patterns. Marketers can utilize this information to make better strategic decisions about allocating resources.

For businesses looking to leverage AI for data analysis, consulting services like those offered by Winder.AI can provide end-to-end AI development solutions, helping businesses understand their data and make strategic decisions.

In short, AI can be a powerful tool for marketers looking to get an edge on the competition.

AI Can Help with NLP

AI has transformed the modern marketing landscape.

From personalization to predictive analytics, AI is changing how marketers do business. One of the most exciting applications of AI is natural language processing (NLP).

NLP is a form of AI that enables computers to understand human language. Marketers and advertisers are already using this modern technology to create and use human-like language, customer service bots, and more. As NLP evolves, it will open more possibilities for marketers.

If you are not already using NLP in your marketing strategy, now is the time to start.

AI Can Help with Ad Placements

You are looking for unique and creative ways to improve your ROI as a marketer. You try different ad placements, monitor your results, and adjust your strategy based on what works. Is there an efficient and simple way to take the guesswork out of ad placement?

AI can solve those problems. AI can predict which ad placements are most likely to reach your target audience by analyzing data points, such as demographics, interests, and previous buying behavior.

As a result, you can allocate your budget more effectively and see a greater return on your investment. If you want to achieve the most from your marketing budget, don't overlook the power of AI.

AI Can Help with Personalization

In today's age of instant gratification, customers expect a personalized experience when they visit your website or app. They want to feel like you know them and provide relevant content, products, and offers. Thankfully, AI can solve this problem.

AI can provide valuable insights into your customers by analyzing data points, such as demographics, behavior, and interests. Armed with this information, you can create customized user experiences.

As a result, you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while driving conversions and revenue.

If you want to give your customers the best possible experience, harness the power of AI.

AI Can Help with Content Generation

AI can help marketers automate repetitive tasks, such as keyword research, email marketing, and social media updates. Advertisers can also use AI to generate custom content based on customers' needs and interests.

Additionally, marketers can use AI to track customer behavior and engagement, providing valuable insights marketers and advertisers can use to enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

As AI continues to grow, more marketers will likely adopt this technology to stay ahead of the competition.

AI Can Help with PPC Advertising

One of the many things AI can do for marketing is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC advertising is a type of online advertising where businesses pay a defined fee when someone clicks their ads. It can be an effective way to target and reach potential customers, but it can also be time-consuming and expensive. Thankfully, AI can solve this problem.

AI can help marketers select the most effective keywords and develop the most effective campaigns possible using data and algorithms.

As a result, businesses and companies can save time and money while still getting great results from their PPC advertising.

What AI Cannot Do for Marketers

There is a lot of buzz about AI in the marketing world (and for a good reason). AI can do some amazing things for businesses. However, there are some things that AI cannot do, and marketers need to be aware of these limitations.

This section discusses some of the tasks AI cannot perform yet and how marketers can make up for these shortcomings.

AI Lacks Emotions

AI has made significant strides in the world of marketing, but there are still some areas where AI falls short.

AI is still a work in progress when it comes to emotions and feelings. Marketing campaigns often need to tap into complex human emotions to be effective. Similarly, AI also struggles with subjective thinking. Most advertising and marketing strategies revolve around understanding customer preferences and tastes, which can be difficult to quantify.

As a result, while AI has made a big impact on marketing, there are still some areas where traditional methods still reign supreme.

AI Cannot Make Decisions

AI has been touted as the key to marketing success, but there are still some things it cannot do.

AI cannot make tough marketing decisions. AI relies on users to guide it and provide instructions. This means marketers still need to be involved in the decision-making process.

Additionally, AI cannot create new marketing campaigns by itself. AI can only optimize existing campaigns.

Today, AI can be a valuable tool for marketers, but it is not a replacement for human creativity and expertise.

Human Involvement Is Necessary

As the saying goes, “Time is money.” Automating specific tasks can save time in the long run, but unfortunately, this is one thing AI cannot fully grasp yet.

When it comes to implementing machine learning technology, the process can be quite time-consuming.

First, data must be collected and sorted. Then, models must be trained on this data to generate insights.

Finally, humans can use these insights to make marketing decisions. One day, AI may be able to handle the grunt work involved in marketing, but when it comes to important decision-making tasks, human involvement is still essential.

In the End

AI is amazing, but it's not a silver bullet. AI can help automate your marketing and make your life easier, but there are still some things it cannot do (yet).

We hope this article helped you understand what AI can and cannot do for advertisers and marketers. Before you purchase an AI chatbot for your website, ensure you understand what it can and cannot do for your business.

About the Author

Alan S. Lui is a seasoned executive. He works with Shangri-La Group (Asia's leading hospitality brand) as the Global Head of Shangri-La Circle (the 11-million-member loyalty program of Shangri-La Group). He was previously CMO at Fusion Bank (a digital bank based in Hong Kong) and COO at Asia Miles (a 12-million-member mileage program of Cathay Pacific Airways).

He shares his views on trends in marketing, operations, and investment on his blog iamalanlui.com.

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