Community Blog Understanding Web3 and How to Get a Web3 Domain by EDNS Domains

Understanding Web3 and How to Get a Web3 Domain by EDNS Domains

In this article, you will be able to learn the power of Web3, where your data lives on the blockchain.

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The internet industry is about to undergo the next paradigm shift since Web 2.0 debuted in the early 2000s. Web2 is the current architecture of the internet that succeeded the first internet iteration, Web 1.0.

It is a dynamic and user-generated content Web with interactive resources that are represented over a network by internet protocol (IP) addresses, or simply domains.

Yes, a domain is a simplified format of the IP string that defines the destination of a website domain name within the Internet realm. This means that the website owner has administrative autonomy, authority, or control over the IP address.

However, it is a far cry from the actual situation in the Web 2.0 space. Domain owners utterly claim to have limited authority and control of their domains due to centralization.

The internet system is controlled by a few giant central entities causing users and domain owners to suffer from bottlenecks like personalized advertising, data censorship, privacy violations, and more.

As a result, the world is in pursuit of the next internet framework, coined as Web 3.0. In fact, innovative platforms led by Ether Domain Name Services (EDNS), are actively building the infrastructure for web3 powered by blockchain technology.

This makes web3 decentralized, giving domain owners authority and control of their domain names, while also laying a foundation for a secure, private, and censorship-free internet ecosystem.

Web3 domain addresses also come with a perk of new features that will transform the crypto payment and the metaverse niches.

What are Web3 Domains?

Unlike web2 domains that are hosted on the global network of Domain Name System (DNS) servers, web3 domains leverage blockchain technology making them decentralized to reside in your crypto wallet, and more importantly interact with blockchain apps and smart contracts.

The domains are constantly being adopted globally as people are craving a taste of the upcoming democratic internet world. EDNS is at the epicenter of the disruption providing these domains and indomitable web3 tools.

The Polygon chain-based naming protocol converts machine-readable addresses, to human-readable names that owners have full ownership and control.

Furthermore, the EDNS domain names can be used for website hosting and building, to receive crypto payments, as an NFT, and a lot more.

Generally, EDNS is a one-stop shop for web3-related demands. The platform currently boasts to have registered over 1M domains in just 6 months.

How Can You Get a Web3 Domain?

Getting a web3 domain is very easy and swift. You only need to find a web3 domain name register and EDNS works perfectly. The platform offers several TLDs that rhyme with different web3 environments. You can get a metaverse, gaming, or sandbox-related TLD, among others.

The subscription fees are fair at a rate of $25 per year and users have the option to choose a 3 or 5-year package at a different price.

EDNS has one of the most vibrant communities and dedicated teams in web3. The admins are readily available to assist you when claiming a web3 domain.

What are The Benefits of Having a Web3 Domain?

It is an NFT

Just like any other NFT, EDNS domains are ERC-721 tokens on the polygon blockchain, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum. Therefore, they are unique and interchangeable, any domain owner can easily list them on the marketplace such as opensea.io.

It is a Memorable Crypto Wallet Address

Crypto wallet addresses consist of up to 36 hexadecimal characters that are typically impossible to remember. EDNS web3 domains replace these run-off-the-mill wallet addresses with easy-to-remember human-readable names. You can transfer funds to a web3 domain such as alibabacloud.web3!

It Supports Secure and Censorship-free Website Hosting and Building

With EDNS domains powering your site, no central government or entity can dictate the content you post on the website. At the same time, your website will not be subject to surveillance as web2 sites, and hacking plus data breach issues will be obliterated.

It is Your Digital Identity Across the Metaverse

As the Metaverse comes to age, which has been braced as the frontier for social interactions, your EDNS domain will come in handy as your digital fingerprint in this universe.

Contact EDNS Domains for more information.

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