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Transfer Log Data from 1 Region to Another Region

Learn how to integrate the log from another region as 1 dashboard with Alibaba Cloud using Log Service.

Hi all, sometimes on Alibaba Cloud we need to integrate the log from another region as 1 dashboard to make us easier to monitor what activities are happen on us. So with this blog I want to inform Alibaba Cloud have capability to do this activities by using Log Service. Other than that, on Alibaba Cloud log service we can store all of log activities on oss by using oss shipping. So the idea of this blog I transfer from region Hangzhou to region Jakarta and I store the log file on OSS.


  1. Transfer from Hangzhou to Jakarta:

    1. Create Data Transformation
    2. Change the period
    3. Use Preview Data
    4. Save as Transformation Rule
  2. Fill Region and click "Add".
  3. After Click Add, make sure the region are in Jakarta then choose the log service project name as a target and also the logstore name.
  4. Add processing range.
  5. Create RAM Role as Alibaba Cloud Service.
  6. On Configure role, I choose log service as a trust service since we will gather "log service" data.
  7. After trust the log service to gather the data then need to Add Permission, I will use oss log full access to store the data. If you need to modify the limitation of oss, you can do it and check Alibaba Cloud portal to find out more related which permission on OSS are match with you.
  8. After all configure, back to log service and we need to set the shipping from log service to oss, go to data transformation part and choose "Object Storage Service" on sub menu "Data Transformation", you need to "Enable" this feature.
  9. Click "Settings".
  10. If success, you will see all status are success.
  11. You can check also all of configuration activities already done and can be check on log directory.

After we see the steps, now we can easily monitor all activities on 1 log service and also we can do archive all of log by using Alibaba Cloud OSS.

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