Community Blog The Iyiou Think Tank Report: Alibaba Cloud's DME Is the Preferred Solution in Chinese Dairy Industry

The Iyiou Think Tank Report: Alibaba Cloud's DME Is the Preferred Solution in Chinese Dairy Industry

The article discusses the "Data Mid-end Solutions Report for the China Dairy Industry 2020" and explains how Alibaba Cloud's DME provides customized industry solutions.

By Alibaba Cloud Data Middle Office

A few days ago, the Iyiou think tank released a report titled "Data Mid-end Solutions Report for the China Dairy Industry 2020". According to the report, data mid-ends effectively boost the global and agile digitization of the dairy industry. Alibaba Cloud Data Mid-End (DME) is the preferred solution for the dairy industry in China. At present, dairy enterprises such as Feihe and Yashili are actively adopting data mid-ends to drive their digital transformations.

Data shows that the scale of China's dairy industry currently exceeds RMB 300 billion. Since the 1990s, the industry has gone through stages of buildup, explosive growth, and cool-down. At present, it is actively developing in the direction of high-end health products and increased market share of domestic products. Although the scale of the industry is large, the diversification of channels, brands, and products results in constant competition in the dairy market. This has exposed the pain points of the industry related to growth, upgrade, and diversification in the new era.

Iyiou believes that the digitization of China's dairy industry has gone through three stages. Leading enterprises have digitized most of their individual processes, while small- and medium-sized companies are lagging behind. As the industry's level of digitization increases, labor productivity in the dairy industry has significantly increased, up 63.6% from 2012 to 2018. Going forward, the pursuit of efficiency will further promote the digitization of the industry.

The Data Mid-End Solutions Report for the China Dairy Industry 2020 proceeds from a consideration of the current situation and the pain points of China's dairy industry. It presents an in-depth analysis of the digitization of each link in the chain that runs from dairy farms to production and manufacturing, to logistics supply chains, and then to consumers. This analysis allows the report to reveal the direction of digital upgrades and transformations that will shape the dairy industry of the future.


The report contends that, in the future, China's dairy industry will enter a stage of global + agile digitization, where the digitization of individual processes will be unable to meet the needs of the industry. As a result, end-to-end and rapid-response digital transformations will become the new digitization solution for Chinese dairy product companies.

Iyiou believes that data mid-ends can effectively boost the global and agile digitization of the dairy industry. The construction of data mid-ends relies on new technologies, concepts, and methodologies, which can solve the problems of traditional data warehouse system construction and effectively adapt to new changes. Accordingly, this will require the digital systems of enterprises to evolve toward data intelligence.

Alibaba was the first to propose the concept of data mid-ends in China. A data mid-end is an intelligent big data system that integrates methodologies, organizations, and tools in a fast, precise, comprehensive, centralized, and accessible manner. Alibaba believes that the data mid-end is an intelligent big data system that differs from traditional data warehouses. It can help enterprises improve data resources, link businesses, and connect organizations. Currently, Alibaba uses its DME product to empower external enterprises with the methodologies, technologies, and tools it has built up over the years.

According to the report, DME has become the preferred solution in China's dairy industry. Alibaba Cloud's DME product matrix features the following components.

Dataphin can help enterprises turn data into assets. Quick Audience can help enterprises with consumer operations and growth. Quick BI, the only Chinese business intelligence tool included in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for the ABI field, can help enterprises with decision-making intelligence and other business intelligence (BI) applications.

With this product matrix, Alibaba Cloud DME also provides customized industry solutions based on the actual business needs of the dairy industry during its digital transformation. At present, leading Chinese dairy enterprises such as Feihe and Yashili have joined hands with Alibaba Cloud DME to realize the transition from digitization to digital intelligence.

Based on its investigation, Iyiou believes that large-scale enterprises with demanding agility and complexity requirements will speed up the adoption of data mid-ends. By doing so, they will be able to better adapt to the digitization needs of the dairy industry in the new era.


At present, data mid-ends in the dairy industry mainly focus on consumer connection processes and are gradually moving up the industry chain to upstream processes. The data mid-end integrates sales and marketing data in consumer connections. The data from all consumer touchpoints and processes is converted into data assets through the automatic extract, transform, load (ETL) processes on the mid-end, and then stored in the enterprise's internal database. The data assets are centrally managed, and data can be integrated and fed back into business systems, supporting precision operations by staff at all levels.


According to Iyiou's research, the data mid-end solution has already shown its value in customer acquisition, conversion, and retention. In the future, it will provide same-source, agile, predictable, backward pass, and bidirectional data capabilities that will be deeply integrated into production and supply chains. This will lay a comprehensive and improved foundation on which enterprises can increase income and reduce expenses.

We hope to grow together with like-minded customers and users. For more information, visit the official data mid-end website.

The views expressed herein are for reference only and don't necessarily represent the official views of Alibaba Cloud.

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