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The 5 Technologies Your Business Needs to Go Global

In this e-book, we'll explain how you can grow your business from the start-up to global enterprise.

Alibaba Cloud works with businesses big and small, all over the world. We explain how you can grow your business from the start-up to global enterprise in our e-book Going Global: E-Commerce and Alibaba Cloud for Large Corporations.

Growing your business from start-up to SME and into an established organization with significant revenue, loyal customer base, sales force, and brand position is an impressive ambition. It’s also an achievable one with the right cloud-based technologies in place.

To scale and succeed, you will require mature and stable technologies that balance your large-scale growth with the quality of service your customers expect, all while identifying new market opportunities. Here are five options for you to consider.

1. Elastic High Performance Computing

Elastic High Performance Computing (E-HPC) is an end-to-end public cloud service, providing you with a fast, elastic, and secure cloud compute platform that interconnects with your existing Alibaba Cloud products and services.

Our E-HPC service is not affected by the limits set by on-premise physical clusters. So, you can dynamically scale and introduce further clusters as your business grows.

It’s often used with our Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Elastic GPU Service, File Storage NAS and other database services to build parallel computing clusters where you can dynamically adjust the nodes and storage of your clusters needed. This ensures your online offerings are always on, providing a high-quality service to your customers.

2. Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

As your business grows, you may want to offer a subscription service, exclusive content or VIP area for customers. To achieve this, our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) can provide you with an isolated cloud network to operate in a secure environment.

If you choose a hybrid cloud architecture for your VPC, then this provides a high-speed data interconnection on and off the cloud. Here, an on-cloud Internet Data Center (IDC) is built on Alibaba Cloud VPC and connected to the off-cloud IDC over a leased line.

This provides you with enhanced data security for your user information as this core data is stored in the off-cloud IDC. The on-cloud IDC can also handle surges of real-time service access and, by using leased lines, on-cloud and off-cloud data can be quickly synchronized in batches to balance both your online security and speed of service.

3. Intelligent Image Search and Intelligent Robot

When you’re dealing with customers in the digital world, it’s important to provide them with the right tools to interact with your brand and stand out from the competition.

Our Intelligent Robot chatbot, for example, lets your customers ask questions and get help to find the most relevant content. The chatbot also reduces the number of helpdesk queries, which has a knock-on effect and improves your responsiveness to customer enquiries over email and phone.

Our Image Search solution also allows users to resolve image search requests for specific products. Based on machine learning and deep learning, the image search also enables customers to take a screenshot or upload an image to search and find desired products and fulfil other search requests.

4. E-MapReduce, MaxCompute and DataV

As your business grows, so do your data processing requirements. E-MapReduce is a Big Data processing solution that lets you process vast amounts of information to analyze trends and boost your customer service.

E-MapReduce is often used in conjunction our other major analytics platform, MaxCompute, which conducts large-scale data warehousing and basic business intelligence analysis.

Together, these solutions could, for example, help you identify demand, spending patterns and customer personas. This information could then be used to create targeted marketing campaigns for customers based not on their demographic information (as so many competitor’s campaigns) but on their specific requirements and interactions with your website.

It’s also important to present this information to help you understand relationships, patterns and trends. This is where the DataV data visualization tool can help, which features geographic information systems and presents information in more understandable formats. By integrating with your live dashboards, DataV can present and monitor your business data simultaneously, allowing you to identify new opportunities that otherwise might remain hidden.

5. Machine Learning Platform for AI

Our Machine Learning Platform for AI can help you meet your data mining and analysis requirements. To further optimize the end user experience, for example, you could use this platform to introduce a product recommendation feature on your web applications.

By using the data pre-processing and feature engineering components of the machine learning platform, you can discover the features that influence your customers’ shopping behavior. Based on the results, the Machine Learning Platform for AI recommends the relative products to the customer to increase product sales.

These are just a handful of examples, providing you with an idea of how Alibaba Cloud can help your business fly high for global success.

If you’d like to get some hands-on experience with our extensive range of cloud computing solutions, click here to sign up to our free trial service where new users can access 50+ free offers worth between $1700 to $8500 USD.

Global enterprises need a global strategy. To find out more about how your business can succeed, download our e-book Going Global: E-Commerce and Alibaba Cloud for Large Corporations today.

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