Community Blog MVP #FridayFive: June 2019 Edition 3

MVP #FridayFive: June 2019 Edition 3

Alibaba Cloud MVP Friday Five is a blog column to share interesting and helpful content brought by global Alibaba Cloud MVPs.

MVP #FridayFive is a blog series to celebrate and highlight some of the pronounced contributions from Alibaba Cloud MVP's towards making the Alibaba Cloud technologies more adaptable #FridayFive.

Every Friday, we will delve into various contributions from our experts around the globe and share the top five remarkable activities of the week through this platform with rest of the world.

Below are the top five technological activities of this week specially curated from Alibaba Cloud communities:

5. [Meetup] GIS Cloud Computing with Alibaba Cloud

By Grace Amondi, Kenya MVP

I recently hosted a technical meetup discussing what cloud computing is, how to integrate GIS in cloud computing with the help of Alibaba Cloud.

Link to Video

4. [Blog] Building Docker Enterprise 2.1 Cluster Using Terraform

By Sajith Venkit, UK MVP

In this article, we will show how you can use Terraform to fully automate the build of a 3-node Docker Enterprise 2.1 cluster.

Link to Blog

3. [Blog] Notifikasi Monitoring Alibaba Cloud Dengan Slack

By Rona Ariyolo, Indonesia MVP

Monitoring is the most important thing so that the life of an IT worker, especially the operational part, can be calm. The default notification for monitoring is via email or sms, but for this article I will use the slack messaging application and integrated with Monitoring from the Alibaba Cloud.

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2. [Meetup] Alibaba Cloud - Getting Started

By Shingo Yoshida, Japan MVP

I recently organized the 1st Meetup in Okinawa, talking mostly about Alibaba Cloud Fundamentals.

Link to Event

1. [Blog] 11 Security Recommendations for Production Instances on Alibaba Cloud

By Anish Nath, India MVP

In this article, we will discuss 11 key security recommendations for you to ensure data security and privacy on your production servers.

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