Community Blog MVP #FridayFive: February 2020 Edition 1

MVP #FridayFive: February 2020 Edition 1

Alibaba Cloud MVP Friday Five is a blog column to share interesting and helpful content brought by global Alibaba Cloud MVPs.

Alibaba Cloud MVPs, the exception technical leaders in the community, are known for their regular technology sharing through their various contributions in the community be it blogs, articles, webinars and more.

In our weekly #Friday Five, we try to showcase some of those unique contributions, which have the potential to make a difference and give a direction to those, who are willing to learn Alibaba Cloud platform.

Let's take you through this week's Friday Five to kick off your weekly dose of technology.

1. [Webinar] 6th Gen ECS and Kubernetes on Alibaba Cloud

By Dev Bhattacharyyav, US MVP
In this webinar, Alibaba Cloud MVP Dev will share his user experience with Alibaba Cloud's new generation of ECS servers and walk you through how to run devops management and SQL on the servers.
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2. [Blog] ZStack vs VMware vSphere - A High Level Comparison

By Wahab Khan , Australia MVP
This article provides a brief comparison of the two products which you can refer to according to your specific needs.
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3. [Meetup] Technology Meetup about Alibaba Cloud Courses

By Vivek, India MVP
This meetup mainly about the introduction of Alibaba Cloud and its offerings. Its courses offered by Alibaba Cloud by registering with student ID's, deep dive into some of the key services and offerings with demos, scenarios/case studies discussion.


4. [Blog] Backing Up PHP – MySQL Application Data on OSS

By Ankit Mehta, Thailand MVP
This blog post focuses on taking a backup of PHP - MySQL application, storing the backup on Alibaba Cloud's Object Storage Service.
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5. [Blog] Install DHIS2 on Docker Container on Alibaba Cloud ECS

By Grace Amondi , Kenya MVP
This article explains how to install DHIS2 on a Docker container in a few easy steps using an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance.
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About Alibaba Cloud MVP

Here at Alibaba Cloud, we always strive towards making a digitally connected world and to ease your information technology challenges. Our handpicked industry experts, Alibaba Cloud MVPs, contribute towards this vision in their own way by enabling the world on how Alibaba Cloud technologies are transforming businesses in a day to day basis.
Alibaba Cloud Most Valuable Professional (MVP) is an award given to the technical leaders in the community for their contributions towards helping others understand and adopt Alibaba Cloud technologies.
Learn more about Alibaba Cloud MVP at https://mvp.alibabacloud.com

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