Community Blog Migrating Your Data Seamlessly: From Self-Managed to Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch with Reindex API

Migrating Your Data Seamlessly: From Self-Managed to Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch with Reindex API

This article guides you through the seamless migration of data from a self-managed Elasticsearch cluster to an Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch cluster using the reindex API.

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch offers a robust and scalable environment for managing your search and analysis capabilities with greater efficiency. Transitioning your data from a self-managed Elasticsearch cluster to Alibaba Cloud's Elasticsearch service can seem like a daunting task.

However, with the reindex API, this process becomes straightforward and hassle-free. This guide walks you through the essentials of migrating your data effectively, ensuring a smooth transition without the loss of critical information.

Understanding the Reindex API

The reindex API in Elasticsearch allows you to copy data from one index to another, making it an invaluable tool for migrating data across different clusters. Whether you are moving from an ECS instance-based Elasticsearch setup or transitioning between different Elasticsearch environments, the reindex API simplifies the migration process.

Before embarking on the migration process, ensure your self-managed cluster and the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch cluster are prepared according to the prerequisites outlined here

Prerequisite Steps

  • Ensure your self-managed Elasticsearch cluster and Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch cluster reside within the same VPC for seamless connectivity.
  • Add the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch cluster's IP addresses to the security groups of your ECS instances to enable communication over port 9200.

Step-by-Step Migration Using Reindex API

Step 1: (Optional) Obtain the Domain Name of an Endpoint

For clusters deployed in the new network architecture post-October 2020, use the PrivateLink service for establishing a private connection. Obtain the domain name of the related endpoint for future steps.

Step 2: Create Destination Indexes

Create necessary destination indexes on the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch cluster, mirroring the settings of your self-managed cluster's indexes. Here's a Python 2 script example to create multiple indexes:

# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
# File name: indiceCreate.py
import sys
import base64
import httplib
import json

newClusterHost = "new-cluster.com"
newClusterUser = "elastic"
newClusterPassword = "new-password"

def httpPut(host, endpoint, params, username="", password=""):
    # Code simplified for brevity

def createIndex(oldIndexName, newIndexName=""):
    # Function contents omitted for brevity

# Main Logic
# Example: Create an index named 'new_index'
createIndex('old_index', 'new_index')

Replace new-cluster.com, elastic, and new-password with your specific Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch cluster details.

Step 3: Configure a Remote Reindex Whitelist

Navigate to the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch console and modify the configuration to add the self-managed cluster's hosts to the remote reindex whitelist.

reindex.remote.whitelist: ["10.0.xx.xx:9200","10.0.xx.xx:9200",...]

Step 4: Migrate Data

Execute the reindex operation. For smaller data volumes, a simple script suffices:

# Example reindex command
curl -u {newClusterUser}:{newClusterPass} -XPOST "http://{newClusterHost}/_reindex?pretty" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d'{
    "source": {
        "remote": {
            "host": "{oldClusterHost}",
            "username": "{oldClusterUser}",
            "password": "{oldClusterPass}"
        "index": "source_index",
        "query": {
            "match_all": {}
    "dest": {
        "index": "destination_index"

Replace placeholders with actual values fitting your environment. Ensure you adjust the source and dest fields as per your index naming convention.


Migrating your Elasticsearch data can significantly enhance your search and analysis capabilities in the cloud. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure a seamless transition to Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch, leveraging its robust features and scalability.

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