Community Blog Mastering Connectivity: A Comprehensive Review of Alibaba Cloud's CEN via VPC Network

Mastering Connectivity: A Comprehensive Review of Alibaba Cloud's CEN via VPC Network

Mastering connectivity in modern digital landscapes, this review comprehensively examines Alibaba Cloud's CEN integrated with VPC Network Default.

Hello, my name is Yossavadee from True IDC, and welcome to the first episode of our blog series.
where we delve into the world of Global Network solutions on Alibaba Cloud.
In this series, we will explore 3 key components that are revolutionizing. how businesses connect and operate in the cloud.


  1. Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN)
  2. Global Acceleration
  3. Private Link

EP.1 Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) on Alibaba Cloud.

In today's digital world, using technology to strengthen organizations is key.

A top service from Alibaba Cloud is the Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN).
It helps set up and run global networks for businesses.


The Cloud Enterprise Network, commonly referred to as CEN, is an innovative solution offered by Alibaba Cloud.
It's designed to provide a highly reliable, low-latency network for enterprises operating in the cloud.
CEN enables seamless connectivity across different regions and network environments, making it an essential tool for businesses looking to expand globally.

Exploring the Features and Capabilities of Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) on Alibaba Cloud.

1. Security: One of the standout features of CEN is its emphasis on security.
It offers a private network connection that is fully encrypted.
This means the data transmitted across your network does not pass through the regular internet,
significantly reducing exposure to external threats and ensuring the safety of your data.

2. Speed: Leveraging Alibaba Cloud's advanced networking technology.
CEN ensures high-speed and efficient connectivity between various resources.
Whether you're transferring data between servers or accessing cloud services.
CEN facilitates swift and smooth operations, minimizing latency and maximizing performance.

3. Global Connectivity: A vital aspect of CEN is its ability to provide global connectivity.
It seamlessly links data centers across different regions within the Alibaba Cloud ecosystem
and even connects with external data centers.
This feature is crucial for businesses operating on a global scale, ensuring consistent and
reliable network performance regardless of geographical boundaries.

Integrating Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) with Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Networks on Alibaba Cloud.

In this section, we'll explore how Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) can be utilized to create a private communication channel between two Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks.


Example Diagram:
A diagram created using CADT on Alibaba Cloud by Yossavadee Saksriwattana demonstrates this setup.
The image illustrates how CEN connects two separate VPC networks, establishing a direct and secure link between them.

Cloud Resources Required: To achieve this setup, you need the following cloud resources:

  1. Elastic Compute Service (ECS)
  2. VPC
  3. CEN

Step-by-Step Implementation:

1. Alibaba Cloud Account.

To create an Alibaba Cloud account, if you don't have one, you need to register with Alibaba Cloud first.

This part will be skipped for now, but you can read more about it in the Link

After you have successfully registered an account with Alibaba Cloud, you will be presented with the Alibaba Cloud Console
as follows.


2. Add a security group rule In the case that you have not yet added [the rule or item]

In the "All Products" section, search for "ECS" to add a security group rule.
Click on Elastic Compute Service, and it will be displayed as shown in the image below.


Then, click on the Thailand (Bangkok) region. We will be creating two ECS instances, already prepared,
each with internal IP addresses indicating that they are in different VPC networks, as shown in the picture below.


Click on the ID of the ECS instance to add a security group rule, as shown in the image below.




After adding the ICMP-based network access rule, the ECS instance can receive pings from other instances
in the same VPC network.

However, it cannot ping across different networks. We tried logging into the ECS instance to test pinging

the private IP addresses of another ECS instance, such as and



3.To attach VPC networks to a CEN instance.
Go to the CEN console.


go to the CEN console and click “Create Instance”. Name the instance and select the desired region


You will see the CEN instance that was created. After that, click on the instance ID as shown in the picture.


Click to add a VPC as shown in the image.


Next, set parameters as depicted in the image below.
Specifically, add the VPC network: , and the Vswitch as per the example below,
which depends on your VPC Network creation.





The VPC has been added as shown in the following image. A transit router will be automatically created when you add the VPC.


Return to the ECS that you have logged into and test pinging the private IP address of another ECS instance.

On ECS_A >> Ping to


On ECS_B >> Ping to


The ping test is successful, indicating that the two VPC networks are connected.


The review might also emphasize the global reach of CEN, with numerous data transmission and access points
in various regions, facilitating better connectivity for users worldwide.

Additionally, the ability of CEN to reduce reliance on public networks for data transmission, thereby enhancing communication efficiency and security, might be another critical point.

In summary, Alibaba Cloud's CEN is probably lauded for its high-speed, low-latency network capabilities and
its extensive global infrastructure, making it a valuable asset for enterprises requiring robust and
efficient cloud networking solutions.

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