Community Blog March Mega Sale: A Shopping Guide for the Best Alibaba Cloud Offers

March Mega Sale: A Shopping Guide for the Best Alibaba Cloud Offers

This is the March Mega Sale shopping guide for the best Alibaba Cloud offers.

The Alibaba Cloud March Mega Sale is a month-long special offer during March to help accelerate your cloud services. The sale includes special offers for startup businesses, enterprise accounts, coupons for new users, and exclusive trials.

Free Trials and Coupons Exclusively for New Users

During the March Mega Sale, Alibaba Cloud is offering exclusive free trials in Computing, Networking, Database, Storage, and Security products, ideal for all industries.


New users registered after March 1, 2022, will receive a coupon worth $15 to help discover Alibaba Cloud services.


Starter Package 4.0

Starter Package 4.0 is suitable for enterprise-level applications of various types and sizes. This works well for customers that need a small/medium database system, caches, and search clusters.

Prices range from $2.50/month to $40.00/month, giving you plenty of time to discover Alibaba Cloud services:


Special Offers to Accelerate Startup Businesses

There are also offers for startup businesses going from one month to three months. There are 1C2G SAS $5.98/three months and more discounts for renewal. The offers include the services listed below:

  • ECS/SAS for Simple Application Server Linux is available for $2.99/month or $5.98/three months.
  • Storage (Object Storage Service, File Storage NAS, Hybrid Backup Recovery, and Log Service) is available at 70% off to 90% off.
  • Databases offering Database Backup is available at $0.01/three months and 50% off for ApsaraDB for Redis, ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL, and ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL.
  • SMS/Mail with SMS messages packages are available from 47% off to 95% off, and mail packages are available from 70% off to 85% off.
  • Enterprise Collaboration, including Elastic Desktop Service (DaaS), domain name, Data Transfer Plan, E-Mall Basic Edition, CloudWebsite, Elastic IP Address, Security Center are available from 20% off to 97% off.


Special Benefits for Enterprise Accounts

You can register enterprise accounts on Alibaba Cloud, but you must go through the company real name registration verification to enjoy enterprise-exclusive discounts.

There are special offers regarding the ECS C5 Instance Linux and ECS C5 Instance Windows suitable for enterprises in most industries, such as web hosting, advertising, and gaming.


There are also other instances, such as Simple Application Server Linux and Simple Application Server Windows. It is a single server-based service for application deployment, security management, and O&M monitoring suitable for developers. The reduction goes from 68% off to 80% off the first purchase:


Mega Discounts

Alibaba Cloud is also offering some big discounts of up to 95% off some services:

  • Go China accelerates your services in China with local expertise and a fast go-to-market strategy.
  • Database Go Cloud deploys Leading Edge Cloud Database Solutions with ApsaraDB RDS, PolarDB, Data Management, etc.
  • Data Storage and CDN stores and distributes online content to quickly deploy and release business systems, such as CDN, File Storage NAS, and Object Storage Service.
  • Secure Website is a professional security customization service for websites that includes an SSL Certificates Service, Anti-DDoS, Web Application Firewall, Cloud Firewall, Bastionhost, and Data Security Center.
  • Cloud Enterprise with Container Registry, SMS, Mail, Mobile Security Armor, and Fortinet to accelerate enterprise digitalization
  • Marketplace provides enterprises with full-scene IT development solutions, such as website construction, app, Live Online (livestreaming version), and Enterprise Network Disk.


Special Regional Offers

Alibaba Cloud is offering some regional discounts:

  • March Mega Sale in the US includes special offers for the gaming industry
  • March Mega Sale in HK to access success in China
  • March Mega Sale in Indonesia for digital entertainment
  • March Mega Sale in Singapore for startup businesses


Don't miss the special offers during the Alibaba Cloud March Mega Sale! Create a new account and discover new cloud services today!

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