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Managing Large Projects with Alibaba Cloud Yunxiao

In this article, we will look at Alibaba Cloud Yunxiao, an intelligent project management tool that successfully helped large projects such as the Double 11 Shopping Festival.

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By Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Application Team

Every year, the Alibaba Double 11 Shopping Festival (also known as Singles' Day) is a training ground for Alibaba. It is a training ground for larger-scale technological innovations, product iterations, as well as collaborative R&D. In the Double Eleven 2018 "training ground", Alibaba Cloud Yunxiao has made great contributions. Yunxiao is a one-stop enterprise collaborative R&D platform. It coordinated various Alibaba departments, 100+ core product teams, 1000+ vertical projects, and thousands of people to collaboratively complete the preparation for the great promotions.

For such a huge social collaboration project, the project collaboration difficulty is beyond our imagination. How can we make the management of such a huge project transparent? How can we ensure simultaneous and efficient online collaboration of so many people? How can we ensure that all products, technologies and projects are ready before Double Eleven?

After years of practices in Double Eleven project management scenarios, Yunxiao provides three typical project management models: the cross-enterprise collaboration model, agile model, and the e-commerce great promotion model.

Cross-Enterprise Collaboration Model

Double Eleven is a process of close collaboration between enterprises—suppliers, service providers, and partners. For example, AutoNavi needs to collaborate with global automobile manufacturers, and Ant Financial and UC need to cooperate with the massive number of customers of their open platforms. However, these enterprises are based in different geographical locations, working under different organizational structures, and are using diversified management tools. We are facing with a variety of problems, such as high collaboration and communication costs, information gaps, information asymmetry, and the inability to trace back.

To address such problems, Yunxiao first eliminates data disclosure risk of crowd collaboration. It solves the problem of cross-enterprise collaboration based on projects. Yunxiao created project sets for commercial projects, and included sub-projects between Alibaba and other enterprises into these project sets. We invited stakeholders of other organizations & teams to sign up for Yunxiao, and added them to the respective subprojects, granting them the corresponding permissions. By doing so, we effectively avoided project data disclosure.


Agile Model

The agile model is used by some Double Eleven projects. We established typical scrum teams that consist of three roles, the ScrumMaster, Product Owner, and Team Member. Through iterative planning meetings, electronic Kanban boards, daily scrum meetings, iterative review meetings, and other solutions, we solved slow business response and over-long project cycles, and achieved real-time delivery.


From E-Commerce to R&D

The Double Eleven project has many cross-enterprise subjects. In order to meet requirements from different management perspectives, Yunxiao used project sets to manage different subprojects collectively. A project set consists of correlated subprojects that collaborate with each other to achieve a common goal. A project may or may not belong to a project set. However, every project set must contain projects. In addition, a project set may have a parent project set.


Yunxiao has accumulated a wealth of project management experience after years of advanced project management practices of Alibaba Group, especially huge project practices such as Double Eleven. Now, the Yunxiao's enterprise collaboration function has been able to meet multi-dimensional enterprise collaboration requirements, such as business planning management, product planning management, and project collaboration management. It also supports connection with various delivery platforms of different industries. Yunxiao is a significant module of Alibaba Cloud's one-stop enterprise collaborative R&D cloud, which is dedicated to bringing convenience and agility to enterprise management and collaborations.

In addition to enterprise collaboration, Yunxiao provides enterprises with end-to-end collaboration services and R&D tools that cover the entire lifecycle of project R&D. This covers the entire process of Requirements > Development > Testing > Release > O&M > Operation.

So far, Yunxiao has served nearly 40,000 enterprises, and helped many of them successfully complete DevOps transformation. The successfully transformed enterprises include ZhongAn Online P&C Insurance, China Everbright Bank, Tianhong Asset Management, China Southern Airlines, SAIC-GM, Bank of Nanjing, Vanke, and Cathay Century Insurance.

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