Community Blog LLM Chatbot Powered by LLM (LLAMA2) + LangChain + AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL

LLM Chatbot Powered by LLM (LLAMA2) + LangChain + AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL

This short article introduces LLM Chatbot and its supported features.

LLM Chatbot Powered by LLM (LLAMA2) + LangChain + AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL


Thank you for choosing the LLM Chatbot, a conversational assistant powered by LLM (LLAMA2) and LangChain, with FastAnn technology powered by AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL. Our chatbot is designed to provide natural language conversations to help with a variety of tasks and answer questions quickly and accurately.

Getting Started

To start using the LLM Chatbot, you can interact with it through a chat interface on a website or mobile browser.

Open the service: https://computenest.console.aliyun.com/





Upload the PDF you are interested in looking into:


Type your question or statement into the chat window:


The chatbot will respond with a natural language conversation.

Supported Features

The LLM Chatbot supports a wide variety of features, including:

  • Answering Questions: The chatbot can find information on a variety of topics, ranging from general knowledge to specific details about a product or service.
  • Providing Recommendations: The chatbot can provide recommendations for products or services based on your preferences and needs.
  • Summarize the Document: The chatbot has a summarization feature that helps save time when reading small details.
  • Show the Reference Paragraph: The chatbot can show where it found the information in the original document.
  • Customer Support: The chatbot can assist with customer support inquiries and solutions to common problems.
  • Transactional Support: The chatbot can help with transactions (including placing orders, making payments, or checking order status).
  • Personalized Experience: The chatbot can personalize the conversation based on your previous interactions and preferences.

Technical Details

The LLM Chatbot is powered by LLM (LLAMA2) and LangChain, with Vectorstore technology using AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL. This technology enables the chatbot to understand natural language conversations and provide accurate responses. The chatbot uses machine learning algorithms to continually improve its performance and provide better responses over time.


Thank you for choosing the LLM Chatbot as your conversational assistant. We are committed to providing the best possible support and experience. Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

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