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Knowing the Who's Who in the Cloud

To protect sensitive information and offer access to only those who have the right credentials, businesses need to monitor users carefully.



Everyone knows the plethora of benefits that the cloud brings to the table. Immediate scalability, flexible budgeting, and ready access to dedicated expertise are key reasons why many businesses are becoming cloud-first.

However, putting the control of your infrastructure in someone else’s hands is not easy for many groomed in an era where control and management of IT are all that matters. For many years, IT has been the pilot of IT infrastructure deployment and a business’s IT development. With the cloud, IT are now being asked to become the air traffic controllers, directing IT projects and apps as businesses see fit. But, then who is in control? To regain some of this control for better management, IT wants to better track who is accessing their data.

It has made cloud-based identity access management (IAM) an important debating point for many cloud proponents. The concern is rightly valid. The cloud offers a shared environment where your server may also host the Virtual Machines of other companies. After all, it is this economics of scale that gives public cloud the cost efficiency that on-premise data centers don’t.

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