Community Blog Introducing Cloud Database Dedicated Server to ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL

Introducing Cloud Database Dedicated Server to ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL

Cloud database dedicated server can ensure better performance while also granting you with a greater level of administrative flexibility and control over your databases on the cloud.

On January 9, 2020, the Cloud Database Dedicated Server feature was officially released for Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL. This new feature set brings several new capabilities to ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL such as database CPU overcommitment and complete control over the dedicated host. With CPU overcommitment, you will be able to share overcommitted CPU resources in an offline hybrid system or multi-business system for a much more efficient, cost-effective utilization of resources. By taking advantage of this feature alone, you can reduce your resource costs by 50%.

Designed with our enterprise customers in mind, the dedicated host group feature provides a reliable, secure, and high-availability database system and shares the same service-level agreement of existing ApsaraDB for RDS database services. And, compared with the regular RDS service, cloud database dedicated server also provide several value-added features like CPU overcommitment, open operating system account permissions, and increased flexibility for the allocation of instance resources.

Maximize Your Computing Efficiency with CPU Overcommitment

When you purchase hosts in a dedicated host group, all the hosts in the group belong exclusively to you. This eliminates the need to purchase additional database instances to populate your hosts. Furthermore, with CPU overcommitment, you can allocate CPU resources based on your specific business needs so to maximize the computing efficiency of physical hosts.

Consider the example illustrated below. Two 64-core CPU hosts can form a high-availability host group, and two 32-core CPU ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL instances can be allocated to the host group. And by taking advantage of the particular access characteristics of this service, 200% of the CPU resources can be overcommitted for the host group, allowing you to have twice as many database instances allocated in a single host group.


Enjoy Greater Flexibility and Control over Your Resources

With cloud database dedicated server, you can have complete control over all the underlying hardware resources of the host, making for a much more open design. Resources can be flexibly allocated for each host, and logon permissions can be opened up to the host operating system. Moreover, with this greater level of flexibility and control, you can easily adjust resource limits for each database instance, including controlling the maximum number of connections and the maximum IOPS, and you can temporarily expand the CPU limits for particular instance as needed.


Besides these actions, you can also associated an Alibaba Cloud bastion host with your dedicated host, as shown in the figure above. Doing so allows you to take advantages of stricter security authentication controls and a greater level of protection against dangerous commands. This also allows you to log on to the host where the database instance runs and perform common database management operations such as viewing system loads.

A New Evolution of Database Management Systems Built for Enterprise-Level Customers

The release of the dedicated host group feature is in direct response to the business requirements of our enterprise-level customers. As noted by Chen Zhaoshang, Product Manager of ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL, in addition to a high level of reliability and performance, enterprise-level customers also require a greater level of flexibility and control over their resources on the cloud. In particular, many enterprises desire the flexibility of deploying systems specifically designed for, or based on, their own proprietary database solutions. At the same time, many enterprises also want to have control over the operations and maintenance of their database systems deployed on the cloud. By releasing the dedicated host group feature to RDS, we have provided our customers with the greater level of control and flexibility.

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