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How to Build an IoT Network and Increase the Coverage

In this article, you will learn how to use javascript to build and IoT network and get some information on how to increase the coverage of your IoT network.

Step 1: Configuring the Environment

AliOS Things is an IoT-oriented and highly scalable IoT operating system under developed by Alibaba Cloud's IoT team. To meet front-end developers' requirements, AliOS Things integrates BoneEngine, a Java engine that supports JavaScript for IoT development, which was previously only implemented in C and C++.

  1. install Node.js (version 6.4.0 or later; for front-end development, version 8.9.0 or later is recommended).
  2. Install the be-cli tool to provide support for updating app.bin via serial port or over the network: npm i be-cli -g -P. If you are still prompted that the command cannot be found even when you run be after the preceding global installation is done, run the npm prefix -g command to get the module installation path of Node.js, and then simply add the global installation path in the output to the "Path" entry of the environment variable.
  3. (For Windows users only) Install Python, Visual Studio, and the AliOS plug-in. Then install Hardware USB driver.
  4. Install Git and download AliOS Things source code: git clone git@github.com:alibaba/AliOS-Things.git.

Step 2: Developing on the Cloud

We will be using Link Develop to set up our IoT network on Alibaba Cloud. Choose Create Project (you may name it as you want) > Device Development > Add Product. Select Other for the product type, select WiFi for the communication method, and select Alink for the data format.

Select Add Custom Features in Product Details and setup the features. Then choose Device Development > Add Debugging Devices, and take note of the device triplets.

For how to develop the IoT network on the device and in the web app, please go to Implementing an IoT Network Using Only JavaScript.

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At the Computing Conference 2018 in Hangzhou, an airship hovered over the conference serving as a LoRaWAN gateway for Internet of Things (IoT) services on the ground. With the words "Alibaba Cloud LoRaWAN" clearly displayed, the airship was an attention grabber. At the core of the service, Link WAN, an IoT network management platform, was mounted to the airship to enable gateway management and fast device access to the cloud.

The airship carries the IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof LoRaWAN gateway, which works with the exhibition ground station to form an IoT through Alibaba Cloud IoT's Link WAN.

In 2018, Alibaba Cloud IoT Division announced that it would cooperate with China Unicom Zhejiang to jointly build the LoRaWAN metropolitan area network (MAN) by using the proprietary IoT network management platform—Link WAN. This was one of Alibaba's industry chain strategies after it joined the LoRa Alliance. Link WAN has also become an important LoRaWAN access platform in China. It is compatible with international standards and meets the requirements for large-scale and high-concurrency access.

Alibaba Cloud Launches Link Develop 2.0 for Faster IoT Development

We are excited to announce the official launch of the Internet of Things (IoT) development platform, Link Develop 2.0, for the China domestic portal users. This is good news for IoT developers as Link Develop 2.0 helps to speed up IoT deployment by simplifying the entire implementation process.

The Link Develop 2.0 platform is intended for IoT developers and covers the whole link of IoT development to enable full-stack development on one platform. This includes devices, data migration to the cloud, data analysis, web app and mobile app development, and service development.

We will highlight 4 features of the newly launched Link Develop 2.0 for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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IoT Platform is a device management platform on Alibaba Cloud that enables developers of IoT applications to implement two-way communications between end devices (such as sensors, final control elements, embedded devices, and smart household electrical appliances) and the cloud by creating data channels. And it provides various solutions for connecting network equipment that uses 2G/3G/4G, NB-IOT, or LoRa technology, to help streamline the management of devices connected over heterogeneous networks.

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Alibaba Cloud offers intelligent IoT cloud solutions which integrate with your smart hardware devices and provide real-time data to establish an instant exchange of information between the hardware and web application. This provides essential data about users, which can be processed in real-time for insightful business decisions and shows great advantaged over the traditional hardware networks.

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Products in Alibaba Cloud's Real Estate Solution are ready on-demand and rapidly deployed. As your business grows, your cloud network can be elastically resized at any time to meet its changing requirements.

Based on the distributed architecture of the application system, Alibaba Cloud's platform features high concurrent data processing capabilities which can provide services for tens of millions of network connected industrial equipment.

The cloud infrastructure comes with a suite of security services which protects the network application system. Highly advanced security features can prevent DDoS attacks up to hundreds of gigabytes as well as providing protection from other attacks.

The cloud platform provides various data analysis services and a powerful computing core. Through various algorithms, analytical models and multi-type data convergence, the Real Estate Solution can mine the specific data which you need to create real value for your business.

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