Community Blog How Genetic Sequencing Could Stop COVID-19 in Its Tracks

How Genetic Sequencing Could Stop COVID-19 in Its Tracks

Our Whole Genome Sequencing Analysis technology is helping researchers understand how COVID-19 evolves at the genetic level to stop it on a global front.

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Viruses always evolve. When an individual is infected with COVID-19, it replicates in their respiratory tract and, every time it does this, genetic mutations occur. But standard tests don't provide information beyond a simple positive or negative result.

Whole-genome sequencing is not hampered by such issues, providing the world's researchers with a myriad of information in the fight against COVID-19. By decoding the virus's genetic code, researchers can understand these mutations to develop novel treatments and vaccines, map the evolution of the disease, and understand why some people get sick and others do not.

However, many of today's sequencing techniques are often hampered by inconsistent test quality and high false-negative rates. Our Whole Genome Sequencing Analysis for COVID-19 technology is addressing these challenges, thanks to the optimization of its algorithms and models to improve the quality of tests, reduce false-negative rates and reduce testing times to within 43.5 minutes for one sample.

Valuable Insights

Whole Genome Sequencing Analysis for COVID-19 is a comprehensive technology, providing researchers with extensive insights into the virus, delivering the following benefits to the wider world:

  1. Potentially improved handling of local outbreaks thanks to rapid and accurate testing: The technology can test across different viral mutations, potentially helping researchers understand the virus in their local area. It achieves this by bringing together experimental libraries, computer sequencing, and data analysis tools. With this wealth of information, sequencing times are reduced, and laboratory treatment throughput increases. As a result, the world is now armed with the right data, at the right time to expedite the drug discovery process.
  2. Comprehensive monitoring of the changing face of COVID-19 thanks to core algorithm optimization: The technology can help local disease control centers and customs agencies establish a virus screening strategy, providing them with the analysis capabilities they need to manage COVID-19. It provides viral genetic data screening and automated analysis and report generation, and can also work as a research platform for laboratories with experimental and sequencing capabilities. Its AI-enabled capabilities also allow researchers to evaluate the 3D structure of the virus, helping provide a basis for the development of a future vaccine and other drugs.
  3. Simple to use and deploy: The technology seamlessly connects to other technologies, streamlining the entire testing process from sample to report. Using an intuitive web-based interface, samples can be analyzed with a single click and directly viewed. The technology can also link up with existing experimental and sequencing equipment.

Virus genome sequencing from sample to report

Open Research for All

Whole Genome Sequencing Analysis for COVID-19 was developed under the Fighting COVID-19 Technology Center, which is an initiative run by Alibaba Cloud to support disease control centers and genome research institutions worldwide to help understand COVID-19, effectively treat the disease, and mitigate the risks associated with this pandemic.

If you work in these fields, you can submit the summary and description of your research project to wanqing.hwq@alibaba-inc.com for consideration.

While continuing to wage war against the worldwide outbreak, Alibaba Cloud will play its part and will do all it can to help others in their battles with the coronavirus. Learn how we can support your business continuity at https://www.alibabacloud.com/campaign/fight-coronavirus-covid-19

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