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  • Server Load Balancer(SLB)

    Alibaba Cloud Server Load Balancer is built to cope with high volume traffic and each year in November is put to the test during Alibaba’s annual Global Shopping Festival. Alibaba relies on Server Load Balancer to provide uninterrupted service during the festival by switching requests between data centers and transferring transactions to the most available server.

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  • Dataphin

    As a unified PaaS platform for intelligent data creation and management at Exabyte Scale, Dataphin applies Alibaba Group’s unique and proven OneData, OneID & OneService technologies to help enterprises thrive in the new era of data intelligence.

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  • ROS(Resource Orchestration Service)

    Simplify the Operations and Management (O&M) of your computing resources

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  • ApsaraDB for Redis

    A key value database service that offers in-memory caching and high-speed access to applications hosted on the cloud

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