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How Can You Create a Low Cost, Personal Network Disk with Serverless?

This article aims to use less money to create a private disk without any speed limit, such as the Windows experience.

By Xiliu (Alibaba Cloud Function Compute Expert)


With the continuous growth of global big data, the demand for data cloud storage capacity will continue to expand in the future.

This article aims to use less money to create a private disk without any speed limit, such as the Windows experience.

When KodBox Meets Serverless

1. Why Choose KodBox?

After investigating many open-source web UI file managers, KodBox deeply moved me. Its rich functions were beyond my imagination. The summary is a simple, efficient, smooth, cloud storage and new experience of a collaborative office.

  • Windows-like private cloud disk/enterprise network disk
  • Fully supports privatization deployment with secure and controllable storage
  • Online preview, edit, and play of hundreds of file formats
  • Easy sharing, efficient collaboration, and fine-grained permission control
  • Full-platform client coverage, access at any time and place, and easy synchronous mounting

2. Why Should You Choose Serverless to Host KodBox Applications?

The operation time of the network disk is discrete, especially for personal and family websites. Keeping a machine will produce a lot of waste. (The database also needs to be installed on the machine. Otherwise, there is a separate database cost.) For example, when people sleep in the early morning, the machine resources are wasted. At 8 p.m., when family members are having fun, the resources of one machine are not enough, such as when everyone is watching different 4K HD movies online. (They can also download it into their local PC or mobile phone first.) Serverless solved this very well. It is paid by volume and can be expanded at any time if there is a request.

Alibaba Cloud Function Compute (FC) is a fully hosted event-driven compute service. If you use Function Compute:

  • You don't need to purchase and manage infrastructure (such as servers). You only need to write and upload code.
  • Function Compute prepares computing resources for you to run tasks flexibly and reliably.
  • Pay-as-you-go and O&M-free
  • It supports features such as log query, performance monitoring, and alerting.

You can quickly build any type of application and service with Function Compute and only pay for the resources that the task consumes.


If you deploy the Kodbox project to Function Compute, database persistence uses Alibaba Cloud file storage, and content storage uses Alibaba Cloud object storage service. Then, we can get an exclusive personal and home network disk. "Computing + storage can be extended indefinitely, network speed is not limited, and hundreds of file formats are supported for online preview, editing and play, and easy sharing and collaboration.”

3. Demo Experience

Address: http://kodbox.fc-nas-filemgr.1986114430573743.cn-hangzhou.fc.devsapp.net

Account: test

Password: test@123

After logging on, you can experience a web-version windows operation system and preview, edit, and move multimedia files on your NAS disk or OSS.

  1. If you have an admin account by default after successful deployment, you can implement a more advanced user-level plug-in installation, etc.
  2. You can download a PC or mobile phone client to realize the automatic backup synchronization function of the network disk.

Rapid Deployment of Actual Operations

1.  Activate Alibaba Cloud Function Compute (FC)

2.  Activate Alibaba Cloud file storage

3.  While logging in to the Alibaba Cloud console, open the guide tutorial start-fc-kodbox and follow the guided tutorial (please see the end of the article).


  • Please wait patiently if some steps in the tutorial take a long time. Cloud Shell provides machine specifications with low CPU performance by default, and zip and unzip consume a long time.
  • If you have your domain name, you can replace the last domain name to access the home NAS with your domain name. Please refer to the configuration custom domain name Function Compute for more information.

4.  Login with the admin account, enter the background storage management, and add the suitable storage, such as adding an OSS Bucket.



In the article named "Use PHP + Serverless to Help You Solve These Pain Points!," we discussed the best practice of PHP application in Serverless and its value in detail. The most important point is that the instance of FC pop-up evolves into a quintessence execution environment. PHP Web engineering is stored in NAS. At this time, we can use Kodbox + FC to implement a Windows experience like WEB UI to manage PHP engineering on NAS, including upload, overwrite, delete, and modify.


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