Community Blog How Alibaba Cloud SMS Provides Enterprise-level Security Awareness

How Alibaba Cloud SMS Provides Enterprise-level Security Awareness

Alibaba Cloud SMS improves the overall management capabilities and convenience of enterprise-level cloud communication.

By the Cloud Communication Team

As a mainstream method of enterprise communication, cloud communication leverages its advantages in basic carrier communication resources, integrates technical innovations such as upper-layer artificial intelligence (AI) and security, and implements Internet encapsulation. It provides enterprises with cross-platform, wide-coverage, scenario-based, and highly accurate, secure, stable, and scalable communication services in the form of SDKs, APIs, Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Software as a Service (SaaS). Cloud communication improves the overall management capabilities and convenience of enterprise-level communication while improving resource utilization in the communications industry. This is why cloud communication has become the preferred choice for enterprise-level communication.

During the delivery and use of cloud communication services, security risks such as system operation security, authentication security, and user privacy are very important concerns. If the cloud communication platform has system vulnerability or becomes inaccessible, this will seriously affect the smooth running of overall enterprise communication services. The malicious use of enterprise SMS interfaces can prevent normal business access while SMS resource theft can eat into an enterprise's marketing and operational budget.

How can you defend against these security risks? What solutions are available? The answer, Alibaba Cloud SMS. As a cloud communication service provider, Alibaba Cloud has always sought to build a healthy communication environment and fully exploit its technical advantages to provide customers with secure and reliable enterprise-level cloud communication services. Alibaba Cloud SMS guarantees carrier-grade operations and maintenance (O&M), monitors performance of SMS channels in real time, enables automatic channels in real times, enables automatic channel switch to achieve a stable delivery rate.

Telecom-level O&M Assurance: Guarantee Production-level Security

The security of cloud data is a fundamental promise of Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud adopts a three-pronged approach of data security mechanisms, encryption technology, and compliance review to effectively protect the privacy of user data. Based on the authentication and authorization of Alibaba Cloud accounts, our cloud communication platform provides centralized user identity management, authentication, and authorization management through Resource Access Management (RAM). RAM ensures that accounts correspond to real people and implements the separation of responsibilities and minimal privileges. It also separates authority in system management, security management, and audit management.

Alibaba Cloud communication services provide telecom-class O&M support for enterprise customers. It supports large-capacity and high-concurrency processing to help with pressure during peak business hours. This protects the security of the user's business operations. We also provide 24/7 O&M support and real-time response and troubleshooting for alert tickets.

Professional Security Empowerment: Protection Against SMS Interface Abuse

Alibaba Cloud combines the powerful capabilities of our cloud communication services and security products to effectively ensure the security of your SMS interfaces. Interactive verification is performed before the workflow of obtaining an SMS verification code. This ensures an optimal user experience while effectively blocking access by bots. This is the first line of defense to ensure a secure and reliable business environment.

Alibaba Group has done away with the traditional verification code model. Now, bot identification is implemented through a multi-dimensional analysis of user behavior data, device characteristics, and network data. By using advanced risk control engines and the rule + AI model, we can make comprehensive and real-time risk control judgments on risky devices, identify impersonation, brute-force replay, and other types of attacks. At the same time, we adopt a complete trusted frontend security solution to ensure the authenticity and validity of collected data. For real users, the extremely simple, interactive verification logic allows them to pass the bot identification process easily. The verification test is a Turing test. On the other hand, the anti-crawling capability of Alibaba Cloud's application gateway product can impose speed limits on SMS interfaces. By preventing highly concurrent, illegal requests from using a lot of SMS packets and server resources, this improves service stability.

Cloud communication is the foundation for the future connection of all scenarios. It's also the first step many enterprises take toward cloud migration. Alibaba Cloud communication services continue to rely on the specifications of the Alibaba Cloud platform's security system. Our services help many enterprises eliminate security risks in the connection process through advanced technology and diversified scenario-based practices in the cloud. This allows them to create convenient, value-added, secure, and reliable communication services.

Learn more about Alibaba Cloud SMS at https://www.alibabacloud.com/product/short-message-service

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