Community Blog Fuel Your Business Growth with Our Upgraded Customer Service

Fuel Your Business Growth with Our Upgraded Customer Service

Check out our new customer service offering. We now offer 1-on-1 presales consultation and 24x7 service availability for all levels of support.

We have great news for our customers! In order to optimize the experience of our users, we now provide 1-on-1 presales consultation and increased the service level of our after-sales support offering for Basic plan subscribers. We have extended the service hours and increased the number of tickets you can submit.

Note: The presales consultation service is currently supported in Asia Pacific and for registered users only.

1 on 1 Presales Consultation

Our talented team of highly-trained technology experts, cloud and solution architects, software developers, and technical trainers bring years of extensive experience to every customer engagement. Whether you are curious about migrating to the cloud or want to modernize your infrastructure but are unsure about the next steps, our free consultation is a great place to start.

This service is currently only available in the Asia-Pacific Regions and for enterprise accounts who have registered on www.alibabacloud.com. To register an Alibaba Cloud enterprise account, choose the account type as "Enterprise", and then go to Console -> Account Management -> Real-name Registration to submit the required materials.

Meet Our New and Improved After-Sales Support Plans

For the Basic plan, the service availability has been extended from 8am to 5pm support to 24x7 support. This means that our after-sales support service is now always available for all levels of support plans!

In addition, for Basic plan subscribers, a user can now submit 6 technical support tickets per quarter, double the amount of previous limit of 3 technical support tickets per quarter.


We have also become more efficient – the response time for general questions has been reduced from 36 hours to 18 hours.

Note: Other support plan service levels will not be affected.

Response Time Comparison: Alibaba Cloud vs. Other Top Cloud Vendors

Unlike other cloud service providers, Alibaba Cloud provides 24x7 around-the-hour technical support availability for all support plan levels. Additionally, compared with other cloud service providers' technical support SLAs, Alibaba Cloud's support plan provides quicker turn-around for general questions, and shorter response times for business critical cases. The table below compares Alibaba Cloud's technical support service availability and response time against those of other top global cloud vendors.


Get 24x7 Support When You Sign Up

All users are eligible for the Basic support plan whenever you register for an account on Alibaba Cloud. Experience the 24x7 service availability and get 6 technical support tickets per quarter, all for free!


For small businesses and developers, you can receive more technical resources and get faster response times with our Developer and Business plans, starting at $19.99 and $70 per month respectively.

For businesses with large workloads, complex applications, and low tolerance for errors, consider getting our Enterprise plan. Make your business more efficient, secure, and stable, starting at $8000 per month.

Visit the Alibaba Cloud After-Sales Support page to learn more about our support plans.

Or contact us if you need a 1-on-1 exclusive consultant service to learn more about how our cloud service can help your business. Thank you for choosing Alibaba Cloud!

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