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Fintech Security in the Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Security products enable fintech organizations maintain business availability by safeguarding their servers and infrastructure.

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Defending Fintech Organizations with Alibaba Cloud Security Center

In the fintech industry, the continued success of the business relies on trust. Effective IT security, and the ability to detect suspicious transactions and behavior, is paramount. So, when you’re choosing a cloud service provider, you need one that offers a comprehensive solution for continuously monitoring your servers in order to detect and block unwanted activity.

On your Alibaba Cloud account console, the Security Center is your central dashboard for controlling all of the key security-related aspects of your server estate. It detects security events in real time, monitors your systems against many user-configurable baselines, checks for hundreds of known vulnerabilities, and can even fix certain system flaws automatically.

The basic edition of Security Center is free of charge, so you can try it straight away. For the full suite of functions and features, Advanced and Enterprise editions are available on a simple subscription basis with optional auto-renewal.

Managing Malware and Misuse

The Cloud Threat Detection feature, part of Security Center, continually checks your servers using multiple popular anti-virus engines. It’s already in use on millions of cloud servers, and scans hundreds of millions of files every day. Among the threats it can detect are cryptocurrency mining programs, viruses, DDoS trojans, ransomware, known backdoors, and many other types of malware.

Maintaining server activity logs and being able to easily search them for evidence of system misuse, is an important part of the IT security function, and never more so than in fintech. Alibaba Cloud Security Center makes this easy. You can search and analyze more than 10 different logs from the past 30 days, including starting of server processes, incorrect system logins, DNS requests and more. You can also create automatic alarms which will notify you if certain thresholds are breached. If you need to search more than 30 days’ entries, you can download up to 180 days of data to analyze offline.

One of the most powerful features of Security Center Enterprise Edition is the baseline check, which scans your servers every day in search of poorly configured security settings that may have been created accidentally or even maliciously. These include weak or missing passwords for databases, SSH, FTP and remote desktop. It also checks for unnecessary open ports, as well as many other best-practice Linux and Windows server security configuration. You can use the default baseline settings and scanning schedules or create your own.

Business-Critical Checks

Alibaba Cloud Security Center makes it easy to ensure that your business-critical servers remain secure, and to set thresholds and notifications that will automatically alert you, 24/7, if problems are found. The Security Center agent is built into all Alibaba Cloud server instances so it’s ready to use from the start. If you have servers outside of Alibaba Cloud that you wish to monitor with Security Center, such as those which you haven’t yet migrated to the cloud, the software agent is available free of charge for Linux and Windows.

If you haven’t already tried out Security Center, versions of most features are available in the Basic Edition, which is free. There’s no need to upgrade to Advanced or Enterprise unless you need to. To get started with Security Center, just click the link in your management console and to learn more about Alibaba Cloud’s Security Services, visit https://www.alibabacloud.com/product/security

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