Community Blog Features about Internet of Things (IoT) Network

Features about Internet of Things (IoT) Network

With the development of IoT technology, the network has showed its importance to IoT devices. In this article, you will get some information of some features of the IoT network.

The network is critical to every IoT device. This article will show you some important features of the IoT network.

UDP Network

There are two main transport layer protocols over IP: TCP and UDP. So far, TCP is crushing UDP. Practically everyone has heard of TCP/IP while only a minority of people know about UDP/IP.

In the Internet of Things, TCP’s problem becomes prominent because the Internet of Things environment often faces poor network signals, limited bandwidth, and harsh power consumption limitations. NB-IoT, as seen recently, is a prime example. Most of NB-IoT's terminal devices work in a battery powered environment; their transmission rate is low, and their application scenarios are wildly varied. TCP is connection-oriented, the timeout retransmission mechanism consumes more memory, and also affects power consumption.

The current mainstream cloud channel protocol still uses TCP as a base, mainly MQTT, including Alibaba Cloud's IoT suite, Amazon, and Azure. Even so, Alibaba Cloud’s IoT suite also supports CoAP. Google Weave also uses UDP as a primary means of communication.

IP Network

The IP network can bring several obvious benefits to the Internet of Things:

  1. IP has a large number of mature software stacks. The security component TLS/DTLS is one such example.
  2. IPv6 can provide enough address space.
  3. A large number of software developers are familiar with Socket.

Of course, IP only provides a channel. It also needs upper-level protocols to ensure that "everyone understands each other." Currently, popular protocols include Alibaba Cloud’s ICA Union, OCF, Google Weave, and HomeKit. However, we will not discuss this topic at length at this time.

Co-Existing Network Topology in IoT

Based on the existing backbone network formed by Ethernet, it is likely that WSN/LPWA will have more and more applications in the Internet of Things. The low cost and low power consumption of WSN, combined with the low power consumption and wide coverage of LPWA, can cover a very wide range of IoT scenarios.

More information about IoT network and how to build robust IoT networks, you can go to Building Robust IoT Networks with AliOS Things.

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Developing an Enterprise IoT Network with LoRa

"Airborne IoT of Alibaba Cloud shows an IoT network covering from 40,000 meters above the ground to 20 meters under the ground. It will continue to serve the conference in the next few days," Ding said.

At the site, Ding announced the release of two capabilities of Operation Darwin.

First, Alibaba Cloud and ASR Microelectronics jointly released the single-chip ASR6501, which features an ultra-small size, full-band coverage, and integration with the ultra-low-power LoRa SX1262. This chip can be deeply integrated with LoRaWAN?, Link WAN, and AliOS Things to streamline the IoT network management platform.

Second, Alibaba Cloud launched an IoT network management platform: Link WAN. Link WAN provides many capabilities:

  1. It supports rapid network deployment, flexible billing, and massive connections. The network deployment method is greatly simplified when compared to other Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network deployment methods.
  2. It features low costs. The network costs can be reduced by 70%.

Building an End-to-End IoT "Thing Model" on Alibaba Cloud

This article briefly introduces the "Thing Model" for IoT and illustrates how you can integrate various Alibaba Cloud products to help you visualize your IoT network.

Common IoT solutions include the device, the cloud, and the application. Some solutions also involve big data and AI data analysis. Traditional Internet of Things (IoT) development emphasizes an ordered data transfer. That is, data collected by devices (things) will be sent to the cloud, which will then be sent to the application sequentially. However, with the rapid growth of IoT devices, this approach is not ideal as it is not scalable. Alibaba Cloud introduces a new approach to IoT development called the "Thing Model". In this model, two ends of the IoT development can run in parallel, significantly saving labor and material costs.

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Create products and devices on Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform

The first step in using IoT Platform is to create products and devices. A product is a collection of devices that typically have the same features. You can manage devices in batch by managing the corresponding product. You can learn how to create products and devices together with some parameters information like Network Connection Method here.

Establish a connection between a device and IoT Platform

Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform provides device SDKs that allow devices to connect to IoT network. This article uses a sample program provided by IoT Platform to introduce how to connect the device to IoT Platform using the provided SDK.

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Automotive Logistics Solution

Alibaba Cloud offers robust automobile monitoring and management solutions with various algorithms, analytical models and multi-type data convergence embedded. The vehicle network architecture consists of four stages: IoT, service, big data zone and business intelligence.

Smart Hardware Solution

Alibaba Cloud offers intelligent IoT cloud solutions which integrate with your smart hardware devices and provide real-time data to establish an instant exchange of information between the hardware and web application. Compared with traditional hardware network, this solution provides better and secured sevices with high-availablity and scalability.

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