Community Blog E-Lending and E-Payments: Our Customer Stories

E-Lending and E-Payments: Our Customer Stories

Learn how our customers are taking full advantage of the cloud to develop innovative FinTech solutions.

Power your innovations with Alibaba Cloud FinTech Support Plan and save up to $5,000 for your cloud adoption.

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Financial technology has grown rapidly growth thanks to digitization and the integration of smart devices into our lives. As a result, a range of innovative e-lending and e-payment solutions make it easier for customers to access new and disruptive financial services.

Today, many financial services companies aren't providing a high level of service to remain successful in their highly-competitive marketplace.

Fortunately, Alibaba Cloud's FinTech on the Cloud solution is a cost-effective solution to the various problems e-lending and e-payment companies encounter as it helps them increase customer satisfaction and expedite their time-to-market.

Below are two examples of companies that have deployed FinTech on the Cloud with great success.

Asakita: FinTech E-Lending

Asakita is a leading online peer-to-peer lending platform in Indonesia, which provides a customized micro loan service designed speed up the long verification process. Its products allow for the authorization of loans to occur in just five minutes.

Asakita requires a stable and proven cloud-based platform to deliver a scalable, containerized application management service, which also has a local data center.

To solve this problem, it used the Docker-based Alibaba Cloud Container Services for Kubernetes to ensure a reliable and consistent experience. This platform makes it easy for Asakita to scale-out and scale-in its resources, delivering high-performance whilst allowing it to adapt to fluctuating demands.

What's more, thanks to an Indonesian-based data center, Asakita can address Data Sovereignty requirements from its local regulators.

Revenue Monster: FinTech E-Payments

Revenue Monster is a Malaysian-based FinTech business that provides a combination of payment, social media, and loyalty merchant mobile solutions to its financial institution clients.

It required a cloud-based infrastructure that provides robust security and auto-scaling capabilities to enable it to meet the demands of its growing client base.

Alibaba Cloud helped Revenue Monster implement a containerized application infrastructure with the required levels of stability, security and operational effectiveness. This cloud-based product included our Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Relational Database Services (RDS), Elastic IP Address (EIP) and Object Storage Service (OSS) solutions to help Revenue Monster meet its requirements.

With our support, Revenue Monster's business and clients can now achieve millions of transactions every day, and enjoy the benefits of real-time cloud-monitoring plus value-added services, including big data analytics and data visualisation. It is also first organisation in Malaysia to implement a cloud infrastructure that complies with the country's Central Bank requirements.

Challenges in FinTech will continue as services become more accessible and interconnected, so businesses should adopt systems that keep pace with demand.

To learn more about the benefits and applications of the cloud, and how it can add customer and business value to FinTech companies, download the FinTech on the Cloud: E-Lending and E-Payments whitepaper now.

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