Community Blog Dedicated Host (DDH) on Alibaba Cloud: A Specialized Solution For Enterprise Customers

Dedicated Host (DDH) on Alibaba Cloud: A Specialized Solution For Enterprise Customers

This article is to explain the benefits and features of Alibaba Cloud dedicated server hosting, and what is the advantage if enterprise customers deploy Dedicated Hosting on Alibaba Cloud.

Dedicated Host(DDH)is a dedicated resource pool that offers flexible and compliant deployment options to grant enterprise users more control over their cloud infrastructure.

Alibaba Cloud Dedicated Host (DDH) Definition

Alibaba Cloud Dedicated Host (DDH) is a fully managed dedicated server hosting service that Alibaba Cloud provides for enterprise users. It provides dedicated physical resources servers, flexible deployment, rich configurations, and high cost-efficiency. Dedicated server hosting can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) when enterprises migrate the business to the cloud.

A dedicated hosting is a cloud host whose physical resources are dedicated to a single tenant. As the only tenant of a server hosting, you do not need to share its server resources with other tenants. You can obtain the server attributes of the hosting, including the number of CPUs (number of sockets), number of physical CPU cores, and memory size. You can also create Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances of an instance family that is compatible with the hosting type.

The Benefits of Dedicated Host (DDH)

Dedicated server hosting supports automatic deployment and hosting association. You can use DDH to flexibly deploy your business.

Compared with shared hosting, dedicated hosting has the following benefits:

  • Provides dedicated resources.
  • Improves business security.
  • Meets strict regulatory compliance.
  • Allows you to bring your own license (BYOL) to Alibaba Cloud.
  • Allows you to specify the host where ECS instances reside when you deploy the ECS instances.
  • Provides the dedicated host types that allow you to customize the vCPU-to-memory ratio of an ECS instance.
  • Reduces the deployment cost of ECS instances by using the CPU overprovisioned dedicated host type.


Dedicated Host (DDH) Features

  • Automatic deployment
    The automatic deployment feature allows you to select a dedicated host to deploy Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances. After you enable automatic deployment for dedicated hosting, the dedicated host resides in the resource pool of your Alibaba Cloud account for automatic deployment. When you create ECS instances, you do not need to specify a dedicated server host. The system selects a dedicated host from the resource pool to deploy the ECS instances.
  • Hosting association
    Hosting association is suitable for ECS instances that have enabled the No Fees for Stopped Instances feature. You can specify whether instances are deployed on the original dedicated hosting after they are stopped or restarted. After the hosting is associated, the instances run on the same physical server even if they are stopped and restarted. This feature also helps you maintain the same deployment policy for ECS instances.
  • Resource efficiency
    If the No Fees for Stopped Instances feature is enabled, the CPU and memory resources that are used by the instances are released after you stop the instances.
  • Instance upgrade and downgrade
    You can change the configurations of the ECS instances that are created on a dedicated server host. You can upgrade or downgrade the instance type, and adjust the public bandwidth of instances based on your business requirements.

The Scenarios of Dedicated Host (DDH)

Dedicated Hosting allows you to flexibly deploy your workloads, ensures security and compliance, and reduces the cost of migration to the cloud.

  • Reduce the deployment cost of a single ECS instance
    Dedicated server hosting can be used for applications with low CPU usage, and cloud migration involving virtual environments such as VMware, OpenStack, Hyper-V, and KVM from physical servers. Dedicated hosts of the CPU Overprovisioned type can effectively reduce the cost for the deployment of a single instance in these scenarios.
  • Bring your own license (BYOL)
    You can continue to use your own licenses on dedicated hosts if the licenses are assigned based on the numbers of CPU cores, CPU sockets, and virtual machines subject to the terms of the license. DDH can lower the cost of migrating your workloads to the cloud. These licenses include but are not limited to Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Ensure strict security and compliance requirements
    The resources of a dedicated host are isolated from other servers so that you can use DDH to meet the strict requirements of physical isolation. You can create ECS instances on a specified physical server so that you can meet the strict compliance requirements of the runtime environment for your workloads.
  • Maintain stable performance
    Some specialized industries, such as the gaming industry, require high computing capability and stability. DDH improves the stability of CPU and network I/O to ensure a smooth gaming experience.


Alibaba Cloud Dedicated Host (DDH) is a specialized solution that Alibaba Cloud provides for enterprise customers. It reduces the waste of IT resources for services that have low CPU usages. It improves cloud resource management and reduces costs. It will empower your business to grow big.

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Dedicated Host (DDH) offers dedicated physical resources, flexible deployment options, rich configurations, and high cost-effectiveness. Each tenant can use dedicated physical resources that are not shared with other tenants. Similar to regular ECS instances, ECS instances that are deployed on DDH can be connected across VPCs and easily scaled to suit your business requirements.

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